Can’t blog. Assembling furniture.

Happy fourth blogiversary to Carole! Stop by to congratulate her before noon EST, February 2, and you could win a kpixie gift certificate.

Author Rachel Vincent is giving away copies of her books, a B&N gift certificate, and Godiva chocolates to celebrate the release of her latest book Pride on February 4. I haven’t read any of the books in Vincent’s Shifters series yet, but they’re on my list to read.

If I had seen this tableau (which is somewhere in my neighborhood!), I would’ve taken a picture, too.

Minneapolis made the top 10 in the Forbes list of America’s most wired cities.

Truly the most unusual color chart ever

Creepy skeleton bicycle – fortunately, it’s art and not an actual bike! Can’t even imagine how many accidents it might cause due to the gawk factor.

Will this be the year I make it out to look at the art shanties on Medicine Lake? It’d sure help if they were open during the week, since they are very close to where I work. had a nice list of upcoming urban fantasy, paranormal, and scifi/fantasy books.

Lifehacker had an article about how to cut down on book hoarding. You’d almost think it was a bad thing, wouldn’t you? We’ll see who’s laughing in the midst of the great book shortage – I’m pretty sure it’ll be me and Carrie K. Who’s with us?!

Hmm. I’m hoping that neither PBS nor the BBC feel the need to make a miniseries from the forthcoming book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

“I am a princess! Worship at my paws!! (Shut up, big kitty.)” -Mayhem

31 thoughts on “Can’t blog. Assembling furniture.”

  1. You never know with the BBC! They did adapt Ruby in the Smoke with Billie from Dr. Who in the lead.

    I hope you’re not working the old Allen wrench too hard. πŸ™‚

  2. Okay, that Art Shanty project is WAY cool. I think it merits a weekend trip out there!

    I have my fingers crossed that you have all the parts you need in those IKEA boxes. (It’s often my misfortune to discover, right when the assembly is nearly complete, that ONE VITAL SCREW is missing. Grrrrrrr.)

  3. Great post today, I love the toy soldiers and the skeleton bike is creepy, I think it’s the legs with no feet that really get me.

    May, of course you are a princess, we already know that.

  4. Amy is making me want to move to MN just for the food.

    What?? He says book hoarding like it’s a bad thing and it’s a hedge against inflation! The apocalypse! The collapse of the dollar! Long lines. Waiting rooms. Possibly the flu.

    I worship at your paws, Mayhem.

  5. Thanks for the link! I’ll let you know how many folks click over from your place.

    I gave up hoarding books when I started working at the library. That move has saved me, literally hundreds (thousands?) of dollars in the past seven or eight years. So I’m good… unless the poor economy forces the library to close. Then I’m screwed.

  6. I am less than a block away from a library at my job & seriously it is the best thing ever. I reserve my books on -line – they send me an e-mail when they are ready & in less time than it takes to smoke a cigarette I can go pick them up & get back to my office. I tell the receptionist I’m going for my smoke break…

  7. Great links! But wait, why would you want to cut back on book hoarding? The only reason we cut back is to make more room for books.

    The art shanties are cool, and yes I think there’s knitting shanty. You need to go.

    Mayhem, of course you’re a princess.

  8. You will have the world’s largest collection of allen wrenches after assembling all your furniture. I can’t bear to toss them so I have an old margarine container full of the things from when we went Ikea-crazy a few years ago. I wonder if Ikea has a recycling program for them?

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