Little purple houses for you and me

Bethe’s cat Pugsley was fine with wearing bibs – maybe because of the catnip bribe?!

SRP update: Wreck the Halls by Sarah Graves, 320 pages. Another Home Repair Is Homicide mystery – these are light light light, but I’m enjoying them anyway.

Ok, as promised and to finish off Project Spectrum purples right, I present two more purple houses. First, the less purple house – I’m particularly fond of how bowling balls are used along the sidewalk. (Click on the pictures see them larger.)

Next, the purple stucco two doors down, which is the most unapologeticaly purple house I’ve ever seen!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this utterly un-purple house on the next block, which I could have used during PS April!

Once upon a time, I owned a purple Escort station wagon. I loved that car. Alas, it rewarded my love by throwing a rod through critical engine bits (probably an important life lesson there, eh?). Here’s a very bad picture of me with the dead and dusty Escort, as I prepared to remove my stuff from it.

Speaking of cars, this auto repair place a few blocks from where I live has great purple signs. Sorry about the photo quality! I took this 6 am Saturday, as I headed out of town to the cabin. I wasn’t up to playing around with camera settings until after the caffeine took hold many miles later!

Chaos survived my being gone just fine.

“I demand popcorn to compensate me for the emotional trauma of worrying about you!”

24 thoughts on “Little purple houses for you and me”

  1. You got off easy with just a little popcorn.

    I started my shawl this weekend. Ripped it out after dropping a stitch on row 17 and then had a lightbulb moment …. lifeline.

    Into the second repeat on the main body and it’s going much better than I thought …. thought my kids are complaining that my sighs, hums, ok’s, and counting out loud interferes with their TV watching.LOL. Gotta get some batteries for the camera so I can get a pic on my blog.

  2. Love the purple and yellow houses. By the look of Chaos’s face I think he wants more than popcorn, he does’nt look too happy.

  3. I don’t know how you can say that! That cat does not look “just fine” to me. I would be afraid, very afraid 😉

    1st one, bearable. 2nd one, not on my street, buddy!

  4. Alas, we only have 1 purple house in town, that I know of. But it is purple! I guess we are just not as colorful as the locals in your area. On the fringes of the Midwest, Bible Belt, Corn Belt, Grain Belt and other sections of the country, we must be confused about who we are and just end up being nothing?

  5. I love those houses! I always like to see colourful houses. My cousin and his partner painted their house a rich blue with a dark raspberry trim and it looks gorgeous. They were hoping other people on their block would take suit, but so far their house is the only brilliant one amongst all the beige.

    I got that last Elizabeth Peters book on CD, but I can’t seem to get into it!

  6. And I thought FLORIDA had some colorful houses! Although we do have one that reminds me of cotton candy.

    Did Chaos ever get his popcorn? 🙂

  7. Hey I got the package today! Thank you thank you thank you! I love them! You rock! There are a few old faves and a bunch I’ve never heard of but already like a lot. 🙂

  8. heh! I had to doubletake on that first purple house – it looks like one in Grand Rapids! Chaos won’t think he is neglected after he hears the sob stories of my kitties, I’m sure. He eats popcorn? Wow, I wouldn’t have thought a cat ate popcorn!

  9. Those houses are nice and colorful. Earl would love them. Bowling balls? WTH? But they look strangely normal there.

    Popcorn. My old roommate’s cat Jules used to LOVE popcorn. You got off easy.

  10. Heh, I used to have the exact same model of Escort! Except mine was red and named Bambi. They all betray you in the end, I think its a ford thing.

  11. too funny! I loved MY NAVY Escort wagon just as much…and always wished I’d dared to buy the purple one! lololol!
    Chaos eats popcorn? Really? So does the Calico Curmudgeon…

  12. Most excellent purple houses 🙂
    Most of the places around here are white weatherboards, or blond or orange brick. I guess when it is snowy/dull half the year, a bit of colour is good 🙂

  13. I just realized that bloglines must be holding back on me. I love those houses! 🙂 Chaos looks really irritable about you being gone.

  14. Escort love! I have a >10 year old mercury tracer wagon that i love. It has a very tentative hold on its rods, and i expect it to throw one at me any day now.

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