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Congrats to Wanda, who won Under the Rushes by Amy Lane!

Congrats to Jen B, who won Cardio Conditioning (Work Out #7) by Andrew Grey!

Ok, maybe I won’t ever get caught up on email and blog reading – work’s been and is going to continue to be crazy.




Think, Make, Do, Learn




Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update

  • Hockey fics! 🙂

 “Turn around? No, I’m fine like this, thanks.” -Chaos

13 thoughts on “Insert title here for instant linkity!”

  1. Loved the Pseudo-Mobius chair – thanks for the link. Ha! Something the cats won’t go on OR get hair all over, or that I have to kick them off of so I can sit down. But I’d miss their warm spots…

  2. I’d loose all my knitting needles in that chair, then fall on my face getting out to pick them up. I do have to say that for a cracked lip nothing works better for me than Blistex, which I’m sure has all the bad stuff.

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