Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 148th (Candy Cane Guy returns for the nth time)

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today we’ll be catching up with Candy Cane Guy yet again.

predicted that the



would leave him

after the


– and that was before Jacinto realized he would have to

when the

turned out to be

, leading to an uncomfortable crowd of


The end! Whew! 🙂

“I am so very, very, very disappointed in you, Mom.” -Mayhem

19 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 148th (Candy Cane Guy returns for the nth time)”

  1. I wanted to let you know that as unusual as the cover art may be, I routinely find new authors and books I want to check out through your Monday Misadventures.

  2. What on Earth happened with book 2? His head looks smaller than the hands o.O
    And the wife gives me a crick in my neck

  3. Kudos to the blond lady – I’ve never seen anyone do such a good job of looking reluctantly virginal.

  4. well, if all we have to worry about at the end of the world is a crowd under the mistletoe, I think we will be doing okay. 🙂


  5. Headless waxed gym bunny torsos can be used as backgrounds! For other headless waxed gym bunny torsos, Santa Brides, bad type–you name it!! I’m crying now, thank you.

  6. I wonder if the psychic man from Sedona could forsee his own brutal decapitation. Not to mention his poor wife’s broken neck. :-O

    Hmm, on Threesome at the Gym how is he holding that towel in place round the back?
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