In which there is linkity, bacon candy canes, and a cute picture of BOTH cats

Congrats to Alder, who won Little Stalker (College Fun & Gays #4) by Erica Pike!

Congrats to Joanne B, who won Soups and Diners by Alex Whitehall!

Congrats to laurie, who won the Winter Warmers anthology!

Congrats to Paula, who wonΒ The Prince of Galerir (The Galerir Saga #1) by Anna Lee!

No Misadventure on Monday and no post on Tuesday as I take a little break. Happy holidays! πŸ™‚



  • New releases and more: Fiction Vixen (various types of romance)


Think, Make, Do, Learn





Cool or Wha…?


  • I took this photo in a shop in my neighborhood – click to embiggen:


Teh Cute

Reading Update
Hockey fics, FTW!

“I was totally here first!!” -Mayhem

“Whatever.” -Chaos

27 thoughts on “In which there is linkity, bacon candy canes, and a cute picture of BOTH cats”

  1. Hey Chris. Have a great Christmas – hope the boys behave themselves! I always check three places in my 10 quiet mins before breakfast/school runs kick in (or today, cleaning the living room!) and yours in one, so thanks for all your hard work over the year. Enjoy!

  2. Happy Holidays πŸ™‚

    I don’t have time to read the linkities until after Christmas tho πŸ™

    Those cats looks cosy and adorable, are they friends again?

  3. The British People problems – Yep, spot on.

    I tend to be slightly embarrassed when I post something on my blog, in case I’m disturbing someone πŸ™‚

    Have a great Christmas!

  4. Lots of interesting Linkity today – but pssst – the hairball link isn’t working.

    Yay! for the new to me Simon’s Cat.

    Wishing you and the kitties big naps this holiday.

  5. Nice to see the kitties getting along again (and hopefully you’re all healed up, too). And about that bacon candy? Don’t. Ugh. I tried the bacon jelly beans and I shudder now every time I so much as see the tin they came in. Ew.

    Merry Christmas Chris.

  6. I’m totally up for trying bacon candy canes πŸ™‚ I’m going to make some bacon jam over Christmas (seriously!) Sadly, the penguins contain cream cheese so I won’t be able to make them for pao.

    Those British-isms were hilarious! I liked the last minute presents ever such a lot. The map coasters on that site were a great idea.
    A recent post from mrspao..Christmas StanMy Profile

  7. My kitties both follow me into the bathroom, every time!

    And yay for kitties hanging out together! Along the same line, I witnessed Harley licking Allie’s ears a couple days ago, which I had never seen happen before…

    Merry Christmas to you and Chaos and May!

    (And this is weird – I’m posting right after another Janna….)
    A recent post from janna..Where the heck have I been?My Profile

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