44 thoughts on “I don’t happen to agree with Mayhem on this one”

  1. I don’t allow our cat, Saru-chan, into the kitchen, but I couldn’t help but laugh when she was caught loafing out in the window area between the kitchen and the living room. She looked so pleased with herself!

  2. And, the minute you turn your head. Esau sits on the kitchen counter and watches the birds and squirrels feeding. I just make sure it’s ultra clean when she finally moves her butt. What’re ya gonna do??

  3. OK, I need your help, and I think it’s funny that your post is exactly what I was going to ask you about. Evanrude is being a menace, he’s up on the counters and the table. Know any way to discourage this kind of behavior?

  4. Oh, cats… always finding new cat beds. I’ve given up on the table, except when we’re eating, but I’m winning the kitchen counter war.

  5. The world is all set up for cats and the sooner we figure that out the better πŸ™‚
    I gave your blog an award today – go to my post and get all the details!

  6. It looks like a cat bed to me. Stand your ground, Mayhem, stand your ground.

    At least it’s more understandable than the attraction to wet wool. Wet? Do. not. get.

  7. My parents have taught their cats the one kitchen rule, no back feet on the table. But of course front feet are allowed and breakfast yogurt treats are served in dishes at the table for both cats. My parents have gotten weird in their retirement.

  8. Very naughty, May! Will she sleep on the table without the placemat?

    My parent’s cat, Rip, would get up on the table when he thought he was being ignored and he wanted attention.

  9. We try, too, but they win. My aunts eat on TV trays and now use the kitchen table for cat-bird-watching and brushing.

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