The jangling nerves of the Cat Chaotic

A few miscellaneous things…

To humor me, Kat took a picture of her dog Java wearing a bib. Talk about a hangdog expression! Thanks, Kat! Sorry, Java – does it help to know that you look awfully cute in that bib?

MeanGirl Jen is having a contest – you have until Friday to leave her a comment with the posted and forecasted high temps where you live. The winner will be selected by random number and receive a skein of Mama-E’s sock yarn! Susan’s going to have a contest starting on Friday (she’s being very mysterious), so drop by tomorrow and see what she has in store for us.

Send me an email if you’re having a contest (chris at my domain) and I’ll let people know – I love contests! (And I’m so far behind in bloglines that your contest will probably be over before I find out about it otherwise.) In fact, I’m thinking about what to do for my next contest…

Another SRP book completed – Micah by Laurell K. Hamilton, 245 pages. The latest but one in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. I enjoy this series, but it is not for everyone. It is sexually graphic and often violent. If that isn’t a problem, Laurell K. Hamilton always writes an intense, page-turning read that you won’t soon forget. The series should definitely be read in order (Guilty Pleasures is the first book in the series). This book reveals a bit of wereleopard Micah’s past as he travels with Anita to Philadelphia for a zombie raising.

Chaos has been a nervous wreck since Tuesday. While I was at work, the guys who are doing the window installation in my building used a hydraulic lift to reach my third floor windows, ripped out the rotting wooden trim around the windows, put in new trim, and wrapped it with aluminum. In addition to the noisy hydraulic life and strangers looking in the windows (not so common in our third floor condo), they were using a nail gun to secure the wood and trim. All new experiences for Chaos, who tends to be jumpy anyway, and all very loud.

“It was terrible. Terrible, I tell you! I’m sure that I will have nightmares for years,
and probably will require lots of tuna to soothe my jangling nerves.”

I work at home most Wednesdays, so Chaos did get some tuna yesterday, along with lots of petting, brushing, and soothing talk… Until the big thunderstorm, although he’s never been afraid of thunder before. And then the guys came back on their lift to use the nail gun to finish one of my window ledges! And then a jet flew very, very low above us!! Argh. Back to seeing my noisy, saucy, bossy kitty with his tail down and puffed out, quivering and cowering behind the toilet. I’m back in the office today, so when they start that lift and begin driving it around, I’m not going to be there to calm my poor kitty. Hopefully the guys will finish the windows soon and things will be quiet and calm and sunny again for the dusty Cat Chaotic…

42 thoughts on “The jangling nerves of the Cat Chaotic”

  1. Having a dog who needs to be tranquilized during thunderstorms or fireworks (we LOVE July here!) I can surely empathize with poor Chaos. Hugs to you big guy!!

  2. awww poor Chaos! He looks soo distraught in that picture. Sockies runs when i bring out tin foil or I open the garbage can but thunder…. nadda! Strange cat she is!

  3. Hang in there Chaos! The big bad noises will be gone soon. However, your mommy could be knitting another bib, so don’t let your guard down.

  4. Poor Chaos. My little dog has always been really afraid of thunderstorms. She still hides under the bed or in our laps whenever a thunderstorm (or 4th fireworks) comes up even though she can’t hear very well anymore. Must be vibrations or something.

  5. Chaos, I hate those loud noises too. I’ve tried to get behind the toilet, but I don’t fit. I keep trying and my Mom laughs at me.

  6. My Pete (Chaos’ twin, separated at birth) says, “bah, thunderstorms are cool!” but my Julie (his fat sibling) thinks that if Chaos could somehow get into the basement of the building to cower, he’d feel much better!

  7. 🙁

    Hi Chaos – I’m sorry to hear that your world is in such turmoil. If it makes you feel better, I haven’t seen Teak all morning since the thunderstorms started here.

    I hope you gets lots of tuna.

  8. Aw, poor Chaos! Chappy says he entirely understands . . . there’s “normal” noise and then there’s “hide under the bed” kind of noise, and too much of the latter will make anyone a nervous wreck!

  9. If you have a Trader Joe’s or Wild Oats – buy a SMALL bottle of Rescue Remedy (it lasts forever) and put a couple of drops on your finger and touch his nose with it. He’ll lick it off and it will calm him down. You can also put a drop or two in his water, but if he’s like my cats he’ll immediately quarantine it until he gets some clean – so I resort to trickery.

  10. Chris- If poor Chaos has a nervous breakdown, you should send the bill to the condo management. Cruel and unusual punishment for a Kitty just trying to lead a quiet life.

    Head Hammy- Chaos Advocat

  11. Chaos never struck me as the nervous type — poor baby! The only thing Simon is scared of is the garbage bag being shaken (well, and sheds flying across the backyard, but that’s not an everyday occurence!) Harley, on the other hand, is terrified of everything.

  12. Aw, poor little man… 🙁
    Atticus and Mae send kitty head butts. Atticus practically pees himself when we get storms. Mae’s a bit more dignified.

  13. Aw, poor traumatized Chaos! I hate loud noise myself. I’m sure w/love and attn he’ll bounce back. And with tuna. And a moratorium on modeling bibs.

    Hmmm. He’s not psyching you out, is he?

  14. de-lurking here – long time reader first time commenter.

    I thought you could let Chaos know that Hobbes can totally empathize. There are strange men pounding the walls in the basement which is/was Hobbes’ lair. He’s been following the kids around the house for comfort. Ha, his cover has been blown;so much for the aloof, I don’t need you dude.

  15. The giant soccer ball in the sky is indeed radar -Duluth has one just like it – doppler Radar to be exact.

    The real question is why does Nashwauk have one?!?

    I can endorse the Rescue Remedy (Bach flower remedies) as useful for helping critters (and people) deal with stressful situations. Works for a 100lb dog. Plus it is available at the local co-op!

  16. ah, Chaos, you poor little kitty boy. If you want, you can come and hang out with us for a while. Ben and I would keep you safe………..(evil grin)…..truly, we would.

  17. The Meezer agrees. Loud noises, strange men in the apartment doing noisey things (sometimes just walking down the hallway), thunder, UPS men banging on the doors and yelling “UPS! UPS! UPS!” (what gives with that, anyway?) I spend my life calming her nerves. Poor Chaos…he wants to be the one in charge of creating chaos, not on the receiving end of the chaotic noise, right?

  18. oh, come on, you know he’s just milking you for tuna and treats and extra strokes.

    don’t cave, don’t cave, i tell you!

    oh alright, cave just a little…poor jangled kitty…that face! that squooshable, kissable face!!!

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