And Chaos growled and hissed at everyone

Tuesday night Deb and Jeanne came over for knitting (which we did remarkably little of) and birthday celebrations (ur doin it right). Deb took some great pictures (including a really nice one of Jeanne and I, although it does illustrate how desperately I need a haircut). Deb gave Jeanne and I those nifty cabled Starbucks mugs – and mine came with a super duper black Sharpie because I’d fussed about the lack of color options in the mugs a week or so ago. 🙂

Mayhem took quite a liking to Deb.

“Mom, this nice lady doesn’t have that pesky bookholder in her lap like you always do.” -Mayhem

“I like you, nice lady! Plus I suspect you might not be as attentive to your yarn as Mom is. Bwa-ha-ha!” -Mayhem

Although if you go over to Deb’s, you can see that Mayhem might just have been lurking around waiting to send a text message and not planning to create extra ends for Deb.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Here in Minnesota, we’re looking forward to some much warmer temperatures (this is, of course, relative), which will bring snow.

37 thoughts on “And Chaos growled and hissed at everyone”

  1. I was thinking the same thing about Jeanne – she does look kind of yoga-like!! May – you and I look very cute in these pictures!

  2. It looks like a great party! I don’t get anywhere near a Starbucks so I’ve actually never seen those cable mugs in person – they look like a nice size though. Its too bad they didn’t come in colors though — how about purple or black?? I’d be all over that.

  3. What fun–friends, cats and yarn are the best! I can no longer sit like Jeanne without screaming in pain, so I’ve just started yoga. Very slowly–I’m a beginner, but with a goal. Baby steps…

    You have a great weekend, too! Maybe it will warm up to a balmy 0!

  4. that is sweet, i always love when my kitty warms up to my guests. i mean my big brute of a golden, Yogi has no problem loving ANYONE that comes over. because, well… he’s a dog

  5. Looks like a great time – my cat Nelson can’t wait to jump on my lap when I pull out the knitting. But he is so sweat I gotta pet him. I must admit I get a little jealous when he sits in someone else’s lap!

  6. Stay warm! On my drive to work I was fussing over the 20s, and then I heard -20s in MN and stopped complaining. 😉 At least I could walk to my car without gloves. Eek!

    (And tomorrow’s my birthday. Just to toot my own horn a bit.)

  7. Didn’t anyone bring a nice bright blanket for Chaos? No wonder he was growling.

    You look great even if you think you need a haircut. But Deb is wrong, you’re not the last knitter to get that mug. Some of us are still deprived.

    That sheep mug totally rocks.

  8. Chris- I think your hair is cute- but then, I never cut my hair, so what do I know?

    Starbucks also had wreaths with yarn balls on them- they want to muscle in on the act.

  9. If there was little knitting, then everyone must have had a great time. It looks like fun! I get excited if Katie even shows herself for guests.

  10. Chaos? Growled and hissed at everyone? So it’s just like always! lol.

    Aw, Mayhem. Always looking to help with the lap heating and practice of weaving in ends. Such a sweetie pie.

  11. May is such a good little cat hostess providing entertainment and affection; she does like to be in the thick of things.

    Looks like a great get together! Have a great weekend!

  12. Poor Chaos — you know he really wants to make friends but is just a scaredy cat, like Harley! I need to get one of those Starbucks mugs for myself — I gave a couple as gifts, but don’t have one for me. And (thirdly, because the pieces of this comment don’t really go together at all), I think your hair looks great!

  13. Hey – I sit like that, and I don’t do yoga. (Yet. Been meaning to, but haven’t gotten there.)

    And I do hope May didn’t plan to make extra ends. That would result in getting dumped off the lap and scolded, which is never fun.

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