And Chaos growled and hissed at everyone

Tuesday night Deb and Jeanne came over for knitting (which we did remarkably little of) and birthday celebrations (ur doin it right). Deb took some great pictures (including a really nice one of Jeanne and I, although it does illustrate how desperately I need a haircut). Deb gave Jeanne and I those nifty cabled Starbucks mugs – and mine came with a super duper black Sharpie because I’d fussed about the lack of color options in the mugs a week or so ago. 🙂

Mayhem took quite a liking to Deb.

“Mom, this nice lady doesn’t have that pesky bookholder in her lap like you always do.” -Mayhem

“I like you, nice lady! Plus I suspect you might not be as attentive to your yarn as Mom is. Bwa-ha-ha!” -Mayhem

Although if you go over to Deb’s, you can see that Mayhem might just have been lurking around waiting to send a text message and not planning to create extra ends for Deb.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Here in Minnesota, we’re looking forward to some much warmer temperatures (this is, of course, relative), which will bring snow.