Kitten mittens

Well, sorry, “me,” not actually mittens for kittens – the mittens for my sister-in-law became the Tabbycat Mittens when they were felted:

Chaos was very persistent about being in the picture with the felted mittens.

Yes, Chaos finally found poor lost red sparkly mouse, after spending 15 minutes fighting with my boot.

Conversation snippet: “Chaos, why are you wrestling around with your head in that boot?”

[muffled]: “Mraow!”

I did rip out and reknit the end of the longer mitten. For all my fussing and whining, it involved reknitting, um, well…

seven rows.

Moving right along, here’s a pre-felting picture, with one mitten turned inside out to show what Lopi color 9977 looks like in reverse stockinette stitch. Nifty.

Now I have to go scrounge around for odd and freakish items to take to my department’s white elephant gift exchange this evening. I think I still have a felting mishap or two tucked away…

6 thoughts on “Kitten mittens”

  1. Love seeing Chaos. Her “twin” Carmen, the big slug, sleeps on my computer monitor… yesterday she was sooooo asleep she fell off, onto the desk, off onto the piano bench…then the floor. It was quite sad to see, actually. Idiot cat!

  2. Thanks, mama_tulip!! 🙂

    Lynda – Hee hee – it’s amazing how clumsy cats can be… and how dignified they try to look afterwards (“What are you laughing at? I meant to do that”). Glad Carmen didn’t fall onto your keyboard or anything!

  3. 1. They do look much better felted

    2. I kind of like the reverse stockinette side

    3. The Cat is mad that I don’t let her play with my stash the way Chaos gets to play with yours. She is sulking (“talk to the butt”) in front of the heating vent in order to block as much heat flow as possible as a form of protest. I offered her a strand of Cascade as a compromise, but just get the Suck Ears and a firmer hunkering down in answer. I am a Bad Mom…

  4. Hi Eileen –

    1. Thanks!

    2. Alas, after they’re felted, they can’t be turned inside out anymore. But I do have another skein… maybe I’ll make myself a pair and do them that way.

    3. If it helps mend things with the Cat, let her know that the reason I can’t keep Chaos out of my knitting pictures is because it’s the only time he gets to see yarn other than when I’m knitting. It’s all in zippered bags and sealed plastic totes, tucked into a bungeed shut closet.

  5. Ah! I remembered the bungee’d shut closet – I used to have to resort to such things for other cats. The Cat just reminded me that SHE is too dignified to *steal* yarn, and so leaves it in my basket unmolested. She feels that this means that I should cough up some of the good stuff voluntarily once in a while, as a reward.

    I did give her some Manos a few times. That counts, doesn’t it?

    (she wants the stuff that is still on the needles, and I’m much less gracious about that, unfortunately)

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