In which May goes to the emergency vet and I go to urgent care but we’re ok, so whew!

I was eating lunch when May started to scream – she was playing with the end of a bungee cord and got it wedged in her mouth. Chaos flipped and attacked her. I got the bungee free, but she was bleeding. And then Chaos attacked me. He got locked in the bathroom. Took May to the emergency vet – she’s fine (whew!), just has a bruise on her tongue and some cuts at the back of her mouth. Soft food for her for a few days.

While I was at the emergency vet, blood overflowed out of my shoes, so the vet tech slapped some pressure bandages on me and rinsed off my shoes. They held on to May while I went to urgent care. Got five stitches on the back of one calf. Punctures and scratches on both legs, my left hand, and both arms. Since Chaos managed to trip me, I twisted my knee and also seem to have jammed my right index finger. On antibiotics for 10 days.

All the dark spots in the photo above? My blood from earlier.

Home now. May is hiding between the head of my bed and the wall (Chaos can’t get there). She won’t let me near her, either. I let Chaos out and he was fine, but then he went into the bedroom and May started growling at him and he got all hissy growly poofy. I scruffed him and put him back in the bathroom for a few minutes. Now May’s shut in my bedroom and Chaos is out. I guess it’s good I grabbed some disposable litter boxes, just in case….

Send some cat calming, no infection thoughts our way, will ya? Much appreciated…

Update, evening of November 13: May’s been back to the vet twice since Saturday. First we got ointment for her eye, which apparently got scratched in the melee. Today she got subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, and “critical care” cat food… which she actually ate some of (first food since all this started).

60 thoughts on “In which May goes to the emergency vet and I go to urgent care but we’re ok, so whew!”

  1. Dear lord! That looks terrible! My cat never got me that bad and I can only imagine how much that hurt! Feel better!

  2. Oh my goodness. What a day you’ve had. Poor you and poor kitties. I hope you all settle down soon. Sending calming, positive thoughts your way.

  3. Wow, Chaos sure lived up to his name, eh? I’m glad y’all are (mostly) okay, because the blood and the bandages sure make for disturbing viewing from here. Sending good, healing thoughts your way. =)

  4. Holy crap. And I thought Max having a bone stuck in his throat the other morning. At least there were not stitches/blood involved.

    Hope a good night’s sleep brings her out of hiding and Chaos gets the bug out of his butt and no infection for you.
    A recent post from Tam..Calling All Aspiring AuthorsMy Profile

  5. Oh no!!! Both you and May had to go to urgent care. I hope you both heal quickly & that Chaos calms down from the incident.

    …I can’t help but think of the commercial with the black leopard watching the couple laying in bed. Best to keep Chaos in the bathroom tonight, just to be safe.
    A recent post from Ava March..‘Twas the Night Excerpt & UpdatesMy Profile

  6. Oh, my gosh! I’m so sorry for you and May (and Chaos, too, who probably has no idea what is going on). Blood overflowing your shoe? You a the BestCatMomEver for taking care of May before yourself.

  7. Yikes, the cats sure lived up to their names o.O

    Glad you’re all OKish

    *Sending healing and calming thoughts your way*

  8. Chaos and Mayhem live up to their names! Sending good healing vibes to you. Please take extra care of yourself. Chaos and Mayhem will figure it out as they heal, but it’s you I worry about. Extra good vibes and big hugs to you (and the kids)!
    A recent post from margene..Simple SundayMy Profile

  9. Gah, you poor thing. My old cat flipped out and attacked me once in a fit (I made the mistake of gently nudging him to the side when he was fixated on a squirrel). So I know your pain.

    Here’s to hoping the entire family recovers easily and quickly. Take care of you!

  10. Wow. I hope you are doing better and the cats have calmed down. There were scary moments there. You sure did get banged up. Please take good care of yourself!

  11. Oh no. So sorry you got hurt that badly. Sending soft (((hugs))) and healing thoughts your way. And lots of calm vibes for your kitties.

    Feel better soon.

  12. I hope y’all are better today. I agree with others that your cats are well-named. Maybe you should consider renaming them to Calm and Cool. *Warm hugs and calming vibes*

  13. OMG– he really IS the god of chaos! Here– I’ll send you sleeping kitty vibes and healthy Chris vibes and let’s hope NOBODY ever has the bad sense to hurt May for real, cause that cat will wreak a terrible vengeance on us ALL! ~~~~~~~~~~~ *sleeping kitty vibes* ~~~~~~~~~~*healthy Chris vibes* (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) Cause I’d need them too!
    A recent post from amy lane..Ukus are the Suckus!My Profile

  14. Hope the kitties are feeling calmer now. Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

    I went through a similar experience years ago and it was defintely not a good one. 🙁

  15. Oh dear! Sounds like you handled everything as well as could be done. Glad May is not badly hurt, and I hope Chaos has recovered from his psychotic break. You seem the most dinged up–Take care!
    A recent post from Brenda..Birthday TreatsMy Profile

  16. That is just so SAD! Poor Mayhem! I hope everything gets better soon! That is one explosive bruhaha(?) When it requires multiple different doctors on multiple days….****calm and not inftected thoughts for you****

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