Saturday sky in the steamy northern woods of Minnesota

This Saturday sky brought to you from strangely bug free northern Minnesota. Taken around 7 pm, Saturday, July 15 – three slightly different photos from the same spot as the temperature hovered above 90F and the humidity was high enough to give us that Minnesota sauna feel.

19 thoughts on “Saturday sky in the steamy northern woods of Minnesota”

  1. Beautiful sky! I completely understand about humidity. It’s been in the upper 90s all weekend, although the humidity has been lower than normal.

  2. Frankly – I’d prefer the bugs to the oppressive heat and humidity. You can spray for bugs. Hope you had a grand time – glad all are back and in one piece!!

  3. What a beautiful blue sky! But no bugs? What I’ve always heard about Minnesota in the summer is ‘humid and bug-gy.’ But I guess no bugs is a good thing!

  4. i am back!

    i posted breifly about my encounter with canada.

    did not find beautiful wools anywhere.

    beautiful sky up there by the way… seems hot though.


  5. I see the Humidity Pump in the bottom photos — that little teensy cloud is actually the spot where all the hot air comes through from the parallel universe! Makes sense to me…

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