Two, two, two posts for the price of one!

We’re going to try going to the cabin again this weekend (no stops at Dairy Queen this time), so I’ll be offline from Saturday until sometime Monday. My SIL is doing really well – thanks again, everyone, for all the healing energy you sent her way! 🙂 Hopefully it will be a bit cooler up at the cabin than in the Twin Cities, where the temperature will be hovering around 100F with plenty o’ humidity to give us that special sauna feel.

Post the First

Amazing Lace Challenge #4: “If you bound off your lace RIGHT NOW – what could it be used for?”

Let’s see… the binding off part is pretty easy, since I haven’t cast on yet! In its current state, my shawl could be used for a paperweight.

Or it could be used for a nice soft ball, perfect for indoor play – no fear of denting my closet doors!

It could also be used for a cat toy.

“Oh, Cabernet, how I have missed you!” *chomp*

Post the Second

My name was drawn in Kristi’s contest to name her new sock pattern and I got a copy of the DK Balance pattern for my very own. Thanks, Kristi!

I also recently won a contest at Enchanting Juno and the prize arrived yesterday. Look at those gorgeous skeins of alpaca silk – yum! Thanks, Juno! (Oh yeah, and I think Chaos liked the toys she included for him – particularly that peach mouse.)

“You put your right paw in…”
“You put your right paw out…”
“And you shake your mouse about!”

32 thoughts on “Two, two, two posts for the price of one!”

  1. I’m making the same shawl only I’ve gotten a bit father along …. already knit some and frogged it once. It’s my stitch marker’s fault. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL.

    Have a fun weekend and hugs to your SIL.

  2. Those mice are Moxie’s favorites. Cuz they rattle nice. She said I couldn’t send you yarn without sending toys for Chaos. She thinks he’s handsome.

    Cheers. Happy weekend.

  3. excellent luck with the contest-ing! and the only way to improve the yarn-cat-toy is to dangle a little end off of it and wave it around. You know, like you might do if you were actually knitting with it. Bonus points if you don’t notice what someone’s doing until you get to the slimy “break” in the yarn…

  4. I’m knitting that shawl myself now since I finished Lotus Blossom so quickly. It’s a pretty easy pattern once you’ve done a repeat or two.
    Have a great time this weekend – relax! And no accidents, please.

  5. I started a lace shawl in April. Could be used as a Beanie Baby wrap at this point – can’t work it when Neatnik is conscious. Have a great weekend.

  6. I’m so not looking forward to the heat combined with the humidity up there this weekend, but I used to live in it for over 20 years so I should survive… I hope the friend we are staying with has AC! Have a great time up at the cabin!

  7. Have fun this weekend! And I’m glad to hear your SIL is doing well. I think I’d have psychological issues pertaining to minivans!

    And I don’t even want to think what Simon would do if I gave him a ball of yarn like that….

  8. Have a wonderful weekend! I have a request to make. Just for curiosity’s sake, please count all of Chaos’ mice and post the number. I’d LOVE to know, LOL!

  9. Glad to hear your SIL is doing well. Have a great weekend! I hope you’re not leaving Chaos in charge of the lace project while you’re gone. 🙂

  10. Tell your SIL to stay safe! And the rest of you. Have fun!

    LOL about the paperweight/nerfball/cat toy.

    Chaos’s version of the Hokey Pokey would go over nicely with H.

  11. Gorgeous yarn and what a great sock pattern! Have a great weekend, and I can’t wait to see your Adamas when Cabernet starts cooking ;o)

  12. Sorry to hear about your sister. Sending healing thoughts via the internet right now…….

    I am getting SO JEALOUS of all your bibs. We don’t have Peaches & Creme here, but a friend is off to Florida in Sept so maybe she’ll get to bring me some back 😉

  13. No wonder you guys don’t hit DQ; it hits back! Glad SIL is better.

    Spend much time in cool water while we melt in the city.

    And you are a winner. When will you write your best selling book on “How to Win Blog Contests” so you and Chaos can retire to a villa in the South of France? (or where-ever wealthy felines retire).

  14. Is it wrong that my desire to see the lace knitted up is warring with my desire to see Chaos enjoying himself by mauling the skein??

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