Lack of lemurs lowers linkity

Since I never heard back from the original winner, elaing8 is the new winner of Four Corners by Kate McMurray!

Congrats to maygirl7, who won the Lashings of Sauce anthology donated by Josephine Myles!




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Reading Update
Diving in Deep (Florida #1) by KA Mitchell. ebook. reread. Very good m/m romance about getting a second chance with that guy you had a crush on as a teenager, who’s grown into an emotionally unavailable adult. I definitely got sniffly on this one.
Collision Course (Florida #2) by KA Mitchell. ebook. reread. Really well done m/m romance about a social worker and a paramedic who has a lot of issues with social workers.
No Souvenirs (Florida #3) by KA Mitchell. ebook. reread. Very good m/m romance about an ER doctor who takes an impulsive dive vacation in Belize when things go awry in his life. He gets to know the dive instructor really well…
By the River (Elementals #1) by Katey Hawthorne. ebook. Good m/m paranormal romance about a guy in his mid-twenties who feels drawn to return to his home town, where he becomes enthralled by a mysterious and naive college swimmer. As MandyM noted, while this was beautifully written, the HFN ending felt very tenuous… as if the “for now” might only be a few minutes or days.
In Search of Saints by Harper Fox. ebook short. Good short m/m romance about an academic who’s been too obsessed by his ex’s betrayal to realize what he has with his new boyfriend.
Inertia (Impulse #1) by Amelia C. Gormley. ebook. arc. Good m/m romance about an isolated handyman who hasn’t been with anyone since he was a teenager and started taking care of his sick grandparents. Then he’s hired to install some shelves by a sexy and strangely skittish accountant who might be flirting with him… While I enjoyed how things developed between the two men, the story seemed to bog down a bit during the last third. And I was a bit surprised when the story ended – it left me with the feeling that this might develop into a serial. 🙁
Dine & Dash (Cut & Run #5.5) by Abigail Roux. free ebook short. Steamy short m/m homecoming scene.
Fireman’s Carry (Carry Me #1) by Charlie Richards. ebook. Ok m/m romance about a gay firefighter who’s recently left his cheating ex and moves in across the street from a straight divorced cop and his kids. I read this after reading a beautifully written book, and the difference in writing between the two was a bit painful. Stalker alert. (So. Tired. Of. Stalkers.)
The Thirteenth Sigil (Section Thirteen Case Files #3) by JL O’Faolain. ebook. So-so paranormal m/m romance continuing the story of Cole, an exiled sidhe who works for a secret, paranormally focused division of the NYPD. The case in this one was pretty weird, the “romance” didn’t really work, and the sex scenes were p0rny and euphemistic. (Check out my status updates at Goodreads for specifics on the last.)
Picking Up the Spare by Heidi Champa. ebook. I read 3/4 of it and was too bored to continue. Plus the name overuse in conversation was irking me.

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Mayhem

13 thoughts on “Lack of lemurs lowers linkity”

  1. Love the Love Meow post with the black cat surrounded by the black stuffed kitties.

    Yay for new allergen laws here! I’ve already seen a few of the new labels.

    And I am so trying the broccoli surprise sauce. Any reason to eat pasta…
    A recent post from Brigitte..Malcolm Is A PoetMy Profile

  2. Cat bites are fucking scary. Even when they play bite each other, they share the “love” and we end up in the kitty ER. But when Chester panicked this week, and scratched up my arm, I took that very seriously. With my compromised immune system I wasn’t taking any chances and my whole arm was covered in alcohol swipes and antibiotic ointment and if it looked the least bit infected, I was going straight to the ER.

  3. Scary about the cat bite. I think pao had to have antibiotics when Jasper bit him hard once.

    I love that black kitty with the black cat plushies. I was bemused by the cat travelling with you link and the Olympic cake wrecks.
    A recent post from mrspao..An unintended Olympic breakMy Profile

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