36 thoughts on “Nip Nirvana”

  1. cute! lol, we spent the cold weekend getting the kitty stoned as well…got a new potent supply! The fabric on your blankie was the lining of my daughters first winter jacket almost 20 years ago!

  2. My kitties heart them the nip as well. Thanks for posting the photos – I think I know what I’ll get my brother-in-law’s kitty for Christmas!

  3. Tis lovely and clever. I want to make one for my kitties. I wonder how to clean the nostril sauce off of it without ruining the nip… perhaps a removable case. Sorry, just lost in thought. Have a magnificent Monday!

  4. OMG. It’s actually pieced, isn’t it? A white elephant? Well, considering it’s cat fabric squares pieced with hot peppers? YES. (what an odd combination)

    But to a cat humin with nip-addicts for housemates? Good deal!

  5. It’s a good thing Smell-O-Vision has not been invented yet, or Hannibal would have been all over my monitor. Chaos and Mayhem are sooooooo lucky!

  6. Mayhem does look quite content. What a great idea! I wonder how you would clean the…..as heide so delicately put it, the nostril sauce off without killing the catnip. I don’t think it can be done. Must ponder this.

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