Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 116th (The Return of Haughty Blond Guy)

Congrats to SusieQ, who won Battle of Hearts by Valentina Heart!ย Battle of Hearts was released on April 14 by Silver Publishing.

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today weโ€™ll be catching up with Haughty Blond Guy, who is once again clothed in every photo. No, wait, don’t leave!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alas, there’d be no


, the

– he had to stay in

with an

, the

, and… was that a

?! Ewww. Even worse, the Alpha Lambda House was right by the river where the crew team practiced, so starting at the crack of dawn, he could hear voices echoing over the river and yelling, “


!” Lennox briefly considered having a tantrum about these atrocious accommodations and

, but imagining how

would react (she’d taunt him and call him, “

!”) was enough to give him

s… and not the good kind.

Erm. Yes. How’s it going?

“MOM!!!! Are you going to run out of naughty boys soon??”