In which I venture downtown

It’s been ages since I was in downtown Minneapolis, so yesterday after work I wandered my way downtown. I found a few Project Spectrum pictures, such as this blurb advertising the new City Center – if you look closely, you can see me reflected behind the “o” in “people.”

A map kiosk on Nicollet Mall, illustrating the somewhat confusing streets of downtown.

The Foshay Tower, as reflected in the IDS Center.

The famous spot on Nicollet Mall where Mary Tyler Moore tossed her hat in the air in the credits of the show.

And away from downtown, here’s the other, very Project Spectrum side of that cat-infested billboard. I love how the cat butts stick up over the top! (As always, click on the picture to see it better.)

I finally finished my Meilenweit Cotton socks! I confess to making sure I finished them in June, so they’d be both May and June Project Spectrum…

“You shall pay for the bib incident! Pay in snagged socks! Bwah ha ha!”

15 thoughts on “In which I venture downtown”

  1. The Foshay Tower pic is stunning. I love the reflection. And the MTM statue is so cool. You make me feel like I’m sightseeing with you. 🙂

  2. woah. cats on a billboard? are those real cats? how did they get up there? oh wait i just realized they’re not real. haha, phew. i was really getting worked up about it.

  3. The IDM Center/Foshay tower picture is beautiful! I didn’t know about that statue either! (I think I’ve actually walked in the Cities about four times in my life) Chaos has a very stunned expression on his face – ‘Hey wait a second.. where is the sheep in these socks???’

  4. What a fun virtual tour! I love the cat butt billboard- just as cute as the front side, really.

    Chaos does look like he’s about to exact a little bib vengeance. Look at those mean back claws. He’s reminding you of his panther heritage. 🙂

  5. I also love that photo! It is really spectacular. I really love the cats on the billboard – that’s fantastic.

    Chaos is probably thinking -“hmm there are no SRM in this pair of socks”.

  6. I love the MTM statue! That’s so cool!

    Thanks for entering my contest(s)!

    P.S. Blogger is giving me no end of crap. I’ve tried to post this comment at least five times.

  7. Guess where I went on my honeymoon. Minneapolis! Seriously I wanted to drive up the Great River Road and go to the zoo, so that’s what we did.

  8. Blogger has really been in fine form these last few days. I think it would drive me batty.

    Chaos looks totally different with his claws out and his mean face on.

  9. Yeah, Blogger has been in a mood lately.

    I enjoyed the tour of Minneapolis. I still crack up at the cat billboard. Speaking of which, Chaos seems to have revenge in his eyes for sure.

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