Words clouded with dye

Saturday evening Jeanne and I did a bit more dyeing. Here’s our setup in Jeanne’s backyard:

Of course wine is critical to the process! Make sure to keep your wine out of the active dyeing area to minimize accidents (putting dye in wine, dyeing yarn with wine, etc).

Here I’m dyeing some yarn that will turn out to be shockingly purple – so shocking that I overdyed it with black Sunday night to tone it down a little! I have to remember to draft out color ideas before sitting down to dye yarn, because if I don’t – I can only remember that I like purple and black.

Yarn pictures later this week, after drying and detangling.

But the very best thing about the evening? Jeanne surprised me with a Stumbling Over Chaos word cloud t-shirt! I cannot even tell you how excited I was. I might even have bounced a bit (ok, ok, maybe more than a bit). Thank you, Jeanne – that was so sweet and unexpected!

Reading this is like reading really fun fridge magnet poetry. Some favorites include “thought time tongue totally tuna,” “SRM story stumbling text think,” “chaotic chris claws color,” and “favorite flamingos free fun.” I could go on – but I’ll spare you!

“Shh… Don’t distract me – I’m playing ‘dead kitty on the floor’ so Mom will leave the air on.”

Or maybe he’s dreaming of the lovely Halley as she dreams of him… Hmm…