Walking around the neighborhood and a possible scandal

Whew, it’s been hot here in Minneapolis – 97F yesterday! When you consider we had highs of 45F only 10 or 12 days ago, I’m sure you’ll understand why we’re a bit stunned.

Anyway, here are an assortment of images from my neighborhood, taken over the past week. Most are Project Spectrum greens, but there are a few that just intrigued me.

A verdent mansion along East Lake of the Isles Parkway

Thomas Lowry Park, which is very small indeed.

Feet on a light post in the park

Mannequins – it freaked me out a little to get home from taking this picture and discover that Jeanne had just posted a picture of a mannequin from her neighborhood

A control box for stoplights (pretend it’s April, since I missed taking this picture last month!).

Green, green Gulf

Van parked outside the local hip hop shop

And the possible scandal – pictures of a black cat… but not Chaos. Meet Richard, who was out for a walk when I was:

He was really too busy to stop for pictures or witty commentary.

I’m off to enjoy a lovely (albeit warm) day off from work. Chaos is enjoying the air conditioning, which I finally turned on late yesterday, having had enough of his dead kitty on the tile floor impersonation. Have a wonderful Memorial Day for those in the US (and I think it’s a bank holiday in the UK?)!