In which Mayhem sulks

I was glad to hear from so many people who wear seatbelts after yesterday’s post! Thanks for all your comments. The accident is definitely something I think about around this time of year.

Not that you can tell, but I’m plodding along on my very large super secret project. Such projects are the death of knitbloggers, aren’t they?

Wendy’s giving away a lovely skein of sock yarn – leave a comment by 4 pm EST, November 11 (aka today) for your chance to win.

Stephanie of On the Needles is having a stash sale you might want to keep an eye on.

A ferret in a bib!

What would Photoshop look like in real life?

It’s Litter Week over at ModernCat. They’ll compare natural litters, discuss various litterbox gadgets (watch for giveaways), and even talk about toilet training your cat…

Who can relate to this lolcat, eh?! Hmm, I think this one was enacted in my home when Mayhem arrived.

If you’re a fan of The Matrix (the first one – you know, the one that was good), you’ll probably get a kick out of the spoof – If The Matrix ran on Windows. (Depending on how your browser is configured, the video may very well start when you click on that link.)

Reading Update
Weddings from Hell by Maggie Shayne, Jeaniene Frost, Terri Garey, and Kathryn Smith. Four solid stories about weddings gone paranormally awry…
Necking by Chris Salvatore. Very enjoyable vampire chick lit.
What Dreams May Come by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Rebecca York, and Robin D. Owens. Three pretty cheesy stories about “magical romance.” No Dark-Hunters here, alas.
Reflections & Dreams: Reflections / Dance of Dreams (Stanislaski Saga) by Nora Roberts. Hey, I had this in my queue at the library when I was on my big Nora Roberts kick and it just showed up.
Really Unusual Bad Boys by MaryJanice Davidson. They are pretty unusual, but not very bad at all. They might even be a bit more cuddly and well-mannered than bad, actually.
The Vampire Shrink (Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist) by Lynda Hilburn. This was very well-written (if a bit uneven at times) and had an intriguing premise – I have the next book in my library queue already. Please note that this book is absolutely crawling with vampires. 😉
The Wolfman by Nicholas Pekearo. This posthumously published novel is very dark and intense. Recommended – but don’t expect it to be an easy read.

“Hmph. That big kitty thinks he’s such a badass, just because he can leap like a real panther. I’ll show him badass.” -Mayhem