Ebook Giveaway: Simple Gifts by LB Gregg [CONTEST CLOSED]

Congrats to Andrea, who won Private Eye (Liaisons #1) by S.E. Culpepper!

Congrats to Nikyta, who won Boats in the Night by Josephine Myles!

Congrats to Midia, who won Media Naranja (Other Half) (Petit Morts #16) by Clare London & Jordan Castillo Price!

Many thanks to LB Gregg for donating an ebook copy three ebook copies of her freshly released m/m holiday romance, Simple Gifts (Cornwall Novellas #2), for a three lucky commenters to win!

Some things are worth waiting for.

A former ward of the state, Jason Ferris is fiercely protective of his carefully guarded private life. When he’s felled by a rogue lawn ornament at a Christmas party, Jason finds himself in the care of his first and most devastating love – dark, dangerous, and equally damaged Lt. Robb Sharpe.

Newly returned from years away in the military, Robb’s homecoming isn’t exactly the stuff of fairytales. Now thrust together after a ten year hiatus, Jason and Robb discover that perhaps some things are worth waiting for.

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About LB Gregg

LB Gregg (Lisabea) spends her days plotting and planning and her evenings with her family – three (well above average) teenagers, a smoking hot hubbie, a fat-ass beagle, and a smelly old dachshund. For fun, LB is passionate about skiing, hiking, travel, pedicures, fine wine, good music, and playing cards. She’s been known to read a bit too much.

For more info on LB, because surely one can never get too much of a good thing, you can find her at her blog, Nose in a Book, or at her website.

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  1. For what purpose do humans exist other than to serve and amuse the felines of the world?

    And when your job with the cats is finished, could you enter me in the drawing, please?


  2. LB Gregg is fabulous! I lubs LB! I can’t wait to read this! (not actually entering, just dropping in)
    Somebody tell Chaos to entertain Mayhem! The kitties must not count on mommy.

  3. This one sounds quite tasty, so count me in please. I think I’ll enjoy being a competition ninja, the outfit is far nicer than that of competition ho and I particularly like the little mask. I look like I should be in a Bruce Lee film! Let’s hope the ninja is luckier than the ho, else I’ll need a new alter ego and I’m already confusing myself.

  4. Even if I didn’t like LB’s writing, I would be hooked on “dark and dangrous” from the blurb. ^^ So, yes, count me in, please!

  5. Mayhem–tell Mommy to play with you baby!! She spends way to much time on this computer–of course, what would we do without her??

    I’m in Darling Chris–thanks!!

  6. Please count me in, and remember, whatever you’re doing it’s not as important as petting the cat.

  7. love LB Greggs stories! count me in, please! and for chrissake – start entertaining the cat!

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