Whew! Things just seem to have gotten a little crazy over the past week or so. Work is busy, busy, busy. I’m waaaaaaaay behind on bloglines (if you’ve been wondering what happened to me there). And some very dear friends’ baby is due imminently. I had a picture of the baby bolero I’m knitting (note that I’m still knitting it and am not done with it), but the picture vanished into the internets somewhere. Grrr.

At least I managed to take a picture of one of the skeins of (hopefully self-striping) yarn I dyed! This was a test skein, from some random fingering weight yarn I had around, and isn’t enough for a pair of adult socks. I then dyed a skein of Knitpicks with these colors, but I didn’t get the purple as dark as I wanted. Anyway, this skein was dyed with Jacquard Silk Dye, which also works on wool and other animal fibers. These are liquid dyes and are definitely not the most economical way to dye. I just happened to disover a bottle of purple and a bottle of black in my cupboard and decided to see what would happen.

Check out Jeanne’s blog entry about some of our warping board adventures and a rubber chicken.

“Wait, did you hear that? Do you think it’s SRM, crying to be found??”

31 thoughts on “Frazzled”

  1. Ooo, pretty! I keep telling Josh that people are making prettier yarn than I am, he says I’m wrong. Maybe I’ll take a picture of my latest creation and see what y’all think. I wish my pal would tell me what her favorite colors are. If only she had a blog!

  2. That’s some beautiful yarn you’ve dyed. Kind of reminds me of hte Black Purl coloray of Lorna’s Laces …

  3. I like that skein… enough for a pair of ankle socks?

    Don’t stress too much, we know you and Chaos are still out there.

  4. That yarn looks wonderful! I hope things get a little more relaxing for you at work (so you have more time to dye yarn. 😉

  5. Your yarn is beautiful (and Chaos is a very good helper showing it off!) I went over and saw the yarn warping board – what an endeavor, with beautiful results :o)

    Pretty pillow in the background with kanji? on it?

  6. I am currently knitting that same baby bolero, and I find that finishing it is taking forever. I flew through the body and sleeves, but then it wants me to pick up what seems like an obsene number of stitches for the ribbed trim. I swear there isn’t enough room for them all. It is currently cast aside in annoyance.

    Looking forward to seeing yours, though!

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