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Wow, last week must’ve been my lucky week. I won a contest at Kristi’s and received one of her very cool sock patterns and I won a contest at the Crafty Modster’s and will be receiving a copy of her Project Spectrum May mix cd. Fun!

Hmm, looks like Kelly’s cat Sockies doesn’t approve of Chaos’ antics… Check out the gorgeous green yarn Kelly dyed!

Jeanne and I dyed yarn yesterday. It’s not quite photo ready, so I’ll just show you what my hand looked like after I forgot to put my gloves back on before rinsing the dyed yarn – please note that, due to the flash, you’re not getting the full effect. My hand was dark, dark grey.

“Mom? Why is your hand blocking my photo op?”

I drove past this very Project Spectrum building on the West Bank (the area around the part of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus that’s on the west bank of the Mississippi). I can’t remember for sure, but I might’ve worked doing telephone fundraising for nonprofits out of the upper story of that building back in 1990 – trust me, it wasn’t that color 16 years ago, or I would remember!

Chaos also had a busy weekend, following the sunspot around the living room.


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  1. What a great Project Spectrum shot. I love buildings in wild colors like that…as long as they’re in appropriately offbeat neighborhoods!

  2. Hee Hee, gray is better than becoming a smurf! Actually, the first time I forgot my gloves I had been working with red Kool-Aid, my husband said it looked like I had murdered someone!
    I want to see they yarn too!

  3. Can’t wait to see the yarn! Chaos probably thought you were trying to dye yourself to match him.

    (His eyes could work for Project Spectrum, too. 🙂

  4. I’ve forgotten to put gloves on when dying as well. My hands were bright blue for days!!

    That building it great! It would be easy to give directions to it. You can’t miss a color like that!

    Max follows the sun spots too! He is so lazy about it that he pulls himself with his front paws instead of getting up & walking!

  5. Man, I love the Twin Cities! If I didn’t have to work fo feed my teenagers, I’d move up there in a heartbeat. My best friend from college lives there, and we visit a lot…there’s a great purple polka-dot house somewhere, too.

  6. quick, overdye that hand a nicer colour;) Actually it looks like you spent too much time stroking Chaos and some of the colour came off his coat.

  7. I can’t wait to see your yarn!

    Chaos, Kally wanted you to know she has a similarly exhausting weekend of sitting in the window watching birds.

  8. I love that building! I’m not a huge fan of green but I love buildings that don’t look like anything else around them.

  9. Congrats on the yarn-i-rifficness :o) On the dyed hand — tell them you did it for the yarn, I’m sure if they know you they’ll understand!

    Chaos is showing off in his sunbeam — pretty chocolate brown mixed with the black!

    Bright bright *neon sunglasses* green!

  10. That is some green. There was a bright yellow Nextel building on one of our main drags but the city made them repaint it. It was blinding.

    Poor exhausted Chaos. I hope he found a nice sunny spot to recover. Darn that sun for moving at such dizzying speed.

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