Friday should come more than once a week

No spiders today!

La’s having a celebratory contest – stop by to get the details, caption a photo, and maybe win some of her gorgeous sock yarn. Contest ends 5 pm PST, November 7.

Cheryl was one of the winners in Chaos’ birthday contest. One of the “goodies” she received was a “make your very own black cat” kit. Here’s what she emailed me about opening the kit: “It was amazing! Except for the big pom-poms and ears, almost everything else was in a little tiny package (about 1″ by 2″) that must have been vacuum-compressed – it practically exploded kitty parts when I opened it.” She has more details (and pictures) of what happened after that.

Speaking of contests, I recently won over at Nicole’s and at Tink’s! (Hmm, maybe I also have the Random Number Generator Fairy?) Nicole sent a copy of Moongazer (the review describes it as a combination of The Matrix, Snow Crash, and Blade Runner), black kitty socks (how did she know??), and a bar of dark chocolate with espresso beans. Thank you, Nicole! Tink sent really cool SkullCandy ear buds, which I am eager to start using with my mp3 player. Thanks, Tink! (Now I’ll probably have to fight off Amy, who’s sure to notice that the packaging and ear buds are very Day of the Deadesque and will thus covet them something fierce.)

“What the heck is this?! So many swirly lines swirling and swirling… Whoa. I’m getting dizzy.” -Chaos

“I am Mayhem’s Tail, and I approve this message.” -Mayhem’s Tail

Here’s an unobstructed picture:

Happy weekend! Is it next Friday yet?