Hat, cat, and vodka

Last night I actually got a tiny amount of knitting done on the hat for Maranda’s as yet unborn baby (due on 12/24). I’m very serious about the “tiny” part:

I would’ve gotten more done, but I sat down with everything I needed… except double points. Before I could get up, Chaos was in my lap, purring. Well, ok, I can take a hint – so I just read for a while.

The little red dot near the bottom of the picture is the nose from one of our new fleet of sparkly mice. Chaos has innumerable mice made from real fur, but prefers the fake fur sparkly mice by far. He’ll skid and flip and fly through the air playing fetch with sparkly mice (sorry, my crappy camera’s shutter speed doesn’t do that sort of action), but won’t even get off his butt if I throw real fur mice.

Here’s new red sparkly mouse (with ripped off tail peeking into the corner of the picture), good ol’ sparkly purple mouse (you can’t tell that his face is missing, but you can tell that he’s rather dented), and a blur on the right indicating an incoming cat paw. Sparkly brown mouse is missing in action, so was unable to be part of the picture.

Ok, here’s a weird thing about me: I am freaky about the smell of colognes and perfumes – and don’t even get me started on the smell of dryer sheets. Part of it isn’t so freaky, I suppose, since I’m allergic to a lot of cologne and perfume. The other part of it is… most cologne and perfume just smells like chemicals to me. Icky. I’ll take a nice clean person smell any day.

So what this is all leading up to is… there was a knock on my door at 7:30 am this morning. Now on most days, I would’ve been sitting at my happy little desk in my happy little cubicle since 6:30 am. But on Wednesdays I get to work from home, so I was sitting in my sweats at my computer in my bedroom. At the door is my poor half-frozen neighbor Ron from down the hall. Seems that when he’d started his car and hopped out to scrape the windows, the dastardly car locked itself up, leaving Ron out in the very cold weather with no keys or gloves. Another neighbor let him in the building, and he showed up at my door to use my cell phone (which is all I have, phonewise). No problem. So he used my phone to call work and the car lockout place a few times, and after about 45 minutes of trying to play with Chaos while Chaos hissed at him, he was on his merry way.

I picked up my phone and it smelled like… cologne. Ewwww. So I windexed it and let it dry, then had to take a call from work. Afterwards, I could smell the cologne from the phone on my face. Double ewwww. Obviously the windex didn’t do the trick. So I dug deep into my closet for my special bottle of smell remover:

The phone smells fine now. No, no, it has nothing to do with imbibing the scent remover so that I don’t care about the cologne smell anymore. Look at it. Have you ever heard of the brand? Would you put that stuff in your body?!

11 thoughts on “Hat, cat, and vodka”

  1. I saw a perfume the other day called “clean” – it was a whole line, one of which smelled like clean laundry. I mean, I like the smell of clean as much as the next person, but don’t you think they’d be better off taking a shower or washing their clothes than spraying on perfume?

  2. I just realized that Chaos smells like cologne, too. Hmm. I wonder how he’d like a vodka bath?

    Theresa, I hope they have a notice on the side of that perfume:

    Please note that the use of this product should not be substituted for proper hygiene practices.

  3. Meiko plays fetch as well, but she’s gotten a little bored with it now, and is obviously only playing it to humour us.

    Meiko’s favourite toy ever, however, was a single fresh green pea that I dropped on the kitchen floor when I was shelling peas one day.

  4. Hmm, might have to try dropping a pea for Chaos to see what happens. 🙂

    I sometimes wish he would get bored with fetch. Fortunately, the fetch toy usually gets lost underneath something after 10 or 15 minutes. But it is great exercise for him, and fabulous entertainment for me.

  5. 🙂 We go through a lot of toy mousies as well – we found dozens of them under furniture, under the fridge, under the bed when we last moved!

  6. ah… cats and toys… so jubilant and absolutly fuckin nuts…

    your neighbours cologne reminds me of seinfelds mutant b.o. that goes from the valet’s b to the car to jerry and elaine… mutant colonge… interesting.

    maybe your neighbour was using his cologne to substitute normal hygiene practices… you never know…

  7. I’m sitting here with a massive headache and stomach ache because the person who’s my “surpervisor” (i use that term so damn loosely), takes a bath in perfume or waht have you every morning. Another reason why I don’t like it here. You know, I like the non profit world where people can say “i’m allergic to your stink, knock it off”

  8. Eeek! Mutant BO. Very scary to even think about. Gives me this mental image of teeny tiny green goblins floating through the air from the source person to a hapless target, screaming “Banzai!”

    Kellie – Yeah, when I pulled the stove out last week and hit the mother load of lost cat toys, Chaos was so excited he didn’t even know where to start.

    Ana – Heck, I don’t work at a non-profit, and I go up to cologne infested people at work and explain that I’m sensitive to it and ask that they pretty please tone it down.

    Of course, I’ve worked with a lot of these people for 9 years, so it’s not often a problem anymore. And I can see where having it be the supervisor at your new job would make the approach a bit difficult…

  9. A line of perfume called Clean? Why can’t these people just stop? But then, I get migraines. At least Opium (the perfume) isn’t the thing anymore.

    The guy that shares office space with us has an air freshener that is killing me by 3pm every day. I did ask him about it, apparently I left out the part where he needed to GET RID OF IT. And he’s gone. I closed his office door before having the brilliant idea of tracking it down and throwing it out myself, but alas. I didn’t realize his door was locked.

    Cat toys. I miss those days! Sheba’s 19 now and she only occasionally eyes my yarn in a threatening way.

  10. I definitely feel your pain Carrie – when I have a migraine, I don’t get visual auras, but my sense of smell intensifies and then smells make me queasy. Yet another reason I don’t like stinky stuff!

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