Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 91st (Curly Blond Bangs Guy)

D’oh! I published this early by accident… Whoops!

Congrats to Jen B and Beth, who each won a copy of Bulletproof (A Matter of Time #3 or #5, depending) by Mary Calmes! Bulletproof will be released today by Dreamspinner Press.

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today we’ll be meeting Curly Blond Bangs Guy (CBBG). If you were worried about how much sense last week’s Misadventure made, rest assured that’s not the case this week. 🙂 And keep an eye out for Candy Cane Guy!

left, after

, after


to power, what was left beyond

? Those

had been

a dream he hated to give up, even for


. But would being in

preclude a


I’m pretty sure that was the most challenging set of titles I’ve yet encountered.

“I’m not coming out until you promise there won’t be any more naughty boys!” -Mayhem

25 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 91st (Curly Blond Bangs Guy)”

  1. Yikes, poor curly blond bangs guy seriously needs a better agent. That is a pretty awful collection of covers! Seriously most of them look like I could have done them! I mean, that Lessons in Love cover!? I love love the one where is his hair is dyed such a realistic shade of red. And in Touch Like Breathing how there is absolutely no effort to make it look like the two guys are even in the same picture! (recognize the second guy as cam or noah from diving in deep).

    So much fun!
    A recent post from jayhjay..Review: Too Soon for Love by Kimberly GardnerMy Profile

  2. I´m always suprised by the amount of pics you put together with the same boys, but I guess some of them end everywhere 🙂
    Thank you!!

  3. Love the dye job on Artie, the Good Witch. LOL

    Is that Candy Cane Guy on After Anna? Looks kinda like him, but since his abs aren’t showing, I can’t verify the freakishly round belly button.
    A recent post from Ava March..Full of Lovin’My Profile

  4. LOL! Those are some odd titles but you managed to make sense of them – Interstitial, Love After Math (Maybe a play on Love Aftermath?), Touch Like Breathing. I know I’ve said it before but why do cover artists feel compelled to mess with the hair. It almost never works out.

  5. This one has so much comment fodder, where to start?… Life After Math? Most of these poor guys worry more about a career after Photoshop – especially after winding up looking like Ronald McDonald… Kudos on squeezing in a double-title!… I love how the other guy on Love By The Numbers is subtly giving the “You’re #1” sign that I often see drivers giving to other drivers who’ve cut them off… Why don’t they ever put the model’s phone numbers on the covers? There are a couple up there that I’d call… Unless they were 900 #s… I’ve hurt you enough, I’m leaving now.

  6. Mayhem, I want you to know my mother would not approve of their horrible posture, which makes their “manly pecs” look more like breasts. SHE would have them standing up straight (with shirts on) in a hurry, I don’t care how often they go to the gym.

    Interstitial? Life After Math? Are these the same people who name lipstick colors?
    A recent post from Marji..wip wednesdayMy Profile

  7. Okay, this really was challenging… Interstitial, Sex, Lies and Edelweiss and Math. Somehow I think Randy must have got bored with his current job – I see signs of his presence here…lol!

  8. Gosh, while some of the titles are just hideous, did they really think that a simple color swap would be good enough to turn him into a realistic looking red head? I mean, even my dye jobs (which in the past have involved both Manic Panic and Special Effects) have looked more realistic!
    A recent post from Seanna Lea..finding a masculine sideMy Profile

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