Ebook Giveaway: In His Hero’s Shadow (EMS Heat #10) by Stephani Hecht [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Stephani Hecht for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming m/m romance, In His Hero’s Shadow (EMS Heat #10), for a lucky commenter to win! In His Hero’s Shadow will be released by eXtasy Books on August 15. (Stephani doesn’t have cover art yet, so you can admire the emblem below whilst you imagine a hunky trauma nurse and/or paramedic.)

Cover art added 8/6/2011:

In all the years they’ve know each other, trauma nurse Chauncey and paramedic Brody have only ever agreed on one thing: their mutual hatred for one another, which only seems to grow with each exchange they have. While they may have to work together, and share many mutual friends, they couldn’t be more different. Brody see Chauncey as nothing more than a bossy jerk, whereas Chauncey thinks Brody is a cocky brat who needs a good punch in the nose. What neither one of them is willing to admit is that they share a dirty little secret – a mutual attraction that burns almost as deep as their animosity.

One night they lose control and give in to their passion. When they wake up in each others’ arms, they have to face one of the biggest decisions of their lives: do they give love a chance, or are their differences just too big to overcome?

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About Stephani

Stephani Hecht is a happily married mother of two. Born and raised in Michigan, she loves all things about the state, from the frigid winters to the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. Go Wings! You can usually find her snuggled up to her laptop, creating her next book or gorging on caffeine at her favorite coffee shop.

When she’s not running around like crazy, trying to get her kids to their various activities, she’s working on numerous projects.

You can visit Stephani at her blog or her website.

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“Woe. Woe! I am so misunderstood.” -Chaos

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  1. Oohhh, yay, can’t wait for the next EMS installment!

    Count me in please.


  2. Yes please! I’m in (I hope…) 😀

    Chaos, despite your woe, you are looking very regal, if you don’t mind me telling you so!

  3. Oooh! Please sign me up! Love Stephani & love these type of romances…very Sam & Diane from Cheers!

  4. *grins* Stephani Hecht just doesn’t get old! Please count me in and thanks to you and Stephani for making the giveaway possible!

  5. Is Chaos not a grumpy, curmudgeonly kitty? Or did you fail to understand that Chaos was going to absolutely die of total starvation if not fed most immediately? The world of kitties is complex…
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  6. Count me in, please!
    Poor Chaos! Woe is you!
    Don’t worry it’s probably just a phase. 😉

  7. I’m entering the contest.

    Wow, Stephani is cranking these out, isn’t she? I can’t keep up!!!

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