Ebook Giveaway: Shattered Secrets (Shadow of the Wolf #1) by RJ Scott & Diane Adams [CONTEST CLOSED]

Congrats to Irene J, who won Prep Work by PD Singer! Prep Work will be released today by Dreamspinner Press.

Congrats to Celina S, who won Not One Word (Stand Alone Shorts #1) by Kim Dare! Not One Word will be released today by Resplendence Publishing.

Congrats to Sandy Jay and Ria, who won After the Sunset (Timing #2) by Mary Calmes! After the Sunset will be released today by Dreamspinner Press.

Many thanks to RJ Scott and Diane Adams for donating an ebook copy of their forthcoming paranormal m/m romance, Shattered Secrets (Shadow of the Wolf #1), for a lucky commenter to win! Shattered Secrets will be released by Silver Publishing on August 27.

Jamie is human, and he’s also a wolf. Werewolves aren’t just some supernatural fairy tale. They are a living, breathing part of society. Once they hid their true natures, but now they are out and proud, an accepted part of society, but even with all the new laws, it’s not easy. Adding a new species to the eclectic mix of American society opens up a whole different world.

Rob Tarrant is a cop and has just passed his thirtieth birthday. He’s been promoted to a special police task force specializing in wolf / human cases. He sees it all – the seedy underbelly of city life, the fights, the murders, and the parts of human / wolf interaction that people would rather ignore. He has no problem with wolves in general, but human/wolf relationships are not on his to-do list.

When he meets a young man named Jamie at a club, he embarks on the hottest one-night stand of his life. He finds out that young man is a wolf shifter, and his world is turned upside down. When a case involving kidnappings of young werewolves lands on Rob’s desk, the ugly specter of the werewolf sex trade is brought front and center. With Jamie seemingly at the heart of it all, can Rob keep his young lover alive?

Excerpt (scroll down and select tab)

About RJ

RJ Scott lives in the Chiltern hills just outside London, England. She loves reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror; however, her first real love will always be the world of romance. Her goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and more than a hint of happily ever after.

She is published with Silver Publishing and Dreamspinner Press and was nominated in the Love Romance Cafe Awards of 2010 as Best GLBTQ Author, for Best Gay Paranormal / Horror (Oracle) and as Best Paranormal Author. Oracle was also nominated for Best Gay Paranormal / Horror 2010 in Elisa Rolle’s Rainbow Awards and was awarded an Honorable Mention (5th). RJ’s contemporary romance, The Christmas Throwaway, remained at number one on Amazon and at All Romance over Christmas and into the New Year. She cannot believe how lucky 2010 was for her and her foray into the world of MM writing.

RJ writes across all the genres, but if pushed she says she enjoys writing contemporary romance over the rest. Her newest release, Back Home, has already received favourable reviews on the Silver site and on Goodreads.

You can find out more about RJ and her books at her website, on Facebook, and via Twitter.

About Diane

Diane lives in the Southeastern United States with her three children. She has two passions, her children and her writing, and finds that her time is usually filled by one or the other. You find out more about Diane and her books at her website, on Facebook, and via Twitter.

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