Happy birthday, big kitty!

*sniff* I can’t believe that Chaos turned five yesterday! As Carrie K pointed out to me recently, if he was a human kid instead of a fur kid, he’d be in preschool or possibly even kindergarten now! (She also pointed out that he would need to wear some warning labels, such as “Biter” and “Does not play well with others.”)

“What do you mean, ‘does not play well with others?!’ I’ll bite you if you don’t recant that slanderous statement, Mom!” -Chaos

Additionally, this is my 775th post. How the hell did that happen?! In honor of all this sentimentality, I must, of course, hold a contest. (Like you didn’t know that was coming.) I’ll be giving away yarn and black cat memorabilia and maybe even music or a book. (“Oh, shiny!”) Prizes can be adapted for both knitters and non-knitters.

To participate in the contest, simply leave a comment on this post by 6 pm CDT, Monday, October 6. Your comment should contain an intriguing bit of information – a favorite quote, the best book you ever read, your favorite Chaos moment, an interesting link – you get the idea. I’ll randomly select three winners.

(If you’ve never read the story of Chaos, you can find it here.)

88 thoughts on “Happy birthday, big kitty!”

  1. Happy birthday, Chaos!

    I certainly don’t have a single favorite book, and I already recommended Sunshine and Wicked Lovely, but if you’re at all interested in more realistic fiction, Freddy & Fredericka (by Mark Helprin) is quite good.

  2. Happy birthday to Chaos!

    I think my favorite (ha!) memories of Chaos are the baleful glares he gives visitors at your home.

  3. Happy Birthday, Chaos!

    I think my favorite Chaos moment was the Chaos Caption Contest on kmkat’s blog. That baleful glare from under Mom’s chair! And the great captions people came up with! I was rather partial to my couple, I must admit….

    My favorite book of all time probably still is “The Lord of the Rings”, if one takes the number of rereadings as an indication. Even though I’m not recalling a big cat presence in it….

  4. Hoho big boy, happy birthday! Hmmm… My mother often answers the phone (when she calls here and I say hello) “Ho ho memere!” It goes up in intensity… ho HO meMERE. Something the kiddo used to say when he was learning to talk. Now that he’s 12, he only puts up with it because he likes her. … DH brought home a scraggly black kitten once (in Syracuse), and we gave it to his brother in Philadelphia (we had two other dogs that didn’t much take to a kitten). Skinny soaking wet mini bundle of fur and bones (found in a rainstorm under a car near a puddle) grew up to be a rather large and sleek boy, named “George Brooks”. Not George. Not Brooks. George Brooks.

  5. Happy birthday, Chaos!
    I hesitate to admit it, but my Ragdoll Motoko’s kinda sweet on you- when she sees your picture she’s all over the monitor. 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday big guy!

    I still giggle at that picture where you’re standing up and holding Chaos and it looks like you’re holding a panther.

    One of my favorite books is “Godel, Escher, Bach”. It’s not light reading though.

  7. Happy birthday, big kitty. What I find interesting is that white littermate of his. Genetics is interesting, although not particularly to the Biology 101 students I say that to.

  8. Happy Birthday Chaos!!

    I got this hot cocoa at the craft store that supposedly turns orange when you make it, for Halloween I guess. I’ll let you know if it’s super gross or not. *shrug*

  9. Thanks for pointing me towards the Chaos story. I always wondered how he got his name. My cat has never climbed the Christmas tree but she can jump over baby gates by just jumping from sitting. No running starts, no tensing of muscles, just a sudden sailing over the gate.

  10. Something interesting?

    How about a quote (although I can’t remember who said it, it’s one of my favorites)…

    That which the mind doesn’t understand, it either worships or fears.

    Happy Birthday Chaos!

  11. Happy Birthday, Chaos! (Why do I feel like I’m addressing a comic book character when I write that?) Anyway, a great book recently out: Life is a Verb by Patti Digh. You can check her out at 37days.typepad.com/

  12. Happy birthday, Chaos!

    Hmmm…favorite book (of the moment only–it changes constantly) is Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner.

    Favorite quote: when the Teen was in first grade, he said this about his grandmother: “This is my grandma. She likes to go to the casino.”

  13. No contest, please. Just a happy belated feline natal day to the Chaotic One.

    My favorite quote of his relates to your brother’s Christmas tree: He says he didn’t do it.

  14. Happy (belated) birthday to Chaos, and congratulations on the milestone.

    An intriguing bit of information, although maybe not quite the type you’d intended: by far the most common food aversion among my classmates is to mushrooms.

    I don’t share this aversion, so I’m left wondering what it is about mushrooms that makes this true.

  15. Happy Birthday, Chaos! My birthday is 6 days before yours, but I’m a LOT older than you…even factoring in the cat/people years thing.

    Hmmm…favorite book. I’m going to have to say “Barchester Towers” by Anthony Trollope. If you read a short synopsis of it you would wonder why anyone would read it. But Trollope brings all his characters to life so clearly you almost immediately recognize someone from your real life. Amazing, considering how long ago he wrote and how much life has changed.

  16. Happy birthday to your fur baby! And congratulations on the 775th post!

    My favorite quote that I just recently learned (and is actually the title of my post today) is: You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do So You Can Do What You Gotta Do.

  17. *returns to blogland!*

    Happy Birthday Chaos!!! I love how he “smiles” in that photo.

    And a favorite quote? “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read.” – Groucho Marx.

  18. Happy Birthday, Chaos! I read a lot, and it’s hard to think what my very favorite book is, but one that I like to recommend is “Salt: A World History” by Mark Kurlansky. It’s a fascinating account that includes history, science, geography, cooking, geology, and lots more.

  19. oooh! my favorite Chaos moment was definitely his fear of/suspicion regarding/protection of you from (? – just trying to give big kitty the benefit of the doubt) the zucchini on top of the fridge!

    still makes me giggle just thinking of it, and i continue to wonder what was going through his big kitty mind regarding the long green and certainly quite motionless (further evidence of its stealthy plan, no doubt) intruder.

    morgan just slaughtered a hapless ripe tomato on our kitchen table and i can only think that perhaps she and chaos know something that we don’t…the veggies are coming to get us, or are transmitting our innermost thoughts to the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the dangerous aliens in outer space…

  20. That’s quite a face you’re making there, Chaos.

    Let’s see…my favorite book (as you might have guessed from my recent inking) is The Little Prince. Currently I’m reading the Harry Dresden series and quite enjoying it – it’s nice to see the fae presented as mischievous monsters instead of cherubic children with butterfly wings.

  21. Five years old! Happy Birthday!

    Hm. A book? I’m currently reading The Silmarillion by Tolkien. I suggest getting the edition with illustrations by Ted Nasmith.

  22. As a fellow reader, I’ve given a lot of thought to the concept of best book. I’m not sure that I’ve satisfactorily defined it, but at the moment, I’d probably say that Dr. Seuss’ _Horton Hears a Who_ is probably best encompasses it. Every person matters, and your contribution is essential to the well-being of the whole.

    The book I’ve read most recently that made me talk about it incessantly, though, is _Animal, Vegetable, Miracle._ Utterly thought provoking.

  23. Happy birthday Chaos kitty (although I’m late in wishing it… but better late than never right).
    I’ll recomend a good cat book! “The Nine Lives of Island Mackenzie” by Ursula Moray Williams… very good and entertaining read!

  24. Happy Birthday Chaos!

    From, Sissy, Momma, Doc, Chatty & Wild One.

    P.S. – Mom lurvs “Pride and Prejudice”.

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