Ebook Giveaway: Unchaste by Mia Watts [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Mia Watts for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming paranormal m/m/m romance, Unchaste, for a lucky commenter to win! Unchaste will be released by Resplendence Publishing on March 2.


The mystical Portal of the Gods transports Flynn Chula, shifter and descendant of the Cahokia Indians, six hundred years in the past…right into a tribal feud between Amaro and Koda, warriors of the empire. While Flynn finds his new circumstances impossible, Amaro and Koda know exactly what to do. Their culture dictates that shifters have to be tested, proving their place among the people – as priests. Only one high priest can rule the empire at a time, but the current apprentice reigns with blood sacrifice and fear.

As the sexual preparations begin, Koda and Amaro do their duty to rid him of any possible heterosexual leanings…by giving themselves to him wholly. Flynn, who’s never wanted a woman in his life, can’t believe his luck. Two hunky men can’t get enough of him, and their eager to learn all the tricks.

When the blood priest discovers the plot to overthrow him, will Flynn, Koda, and Amaro escape alive, or will more than blood be lost on the altar?

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About Mia

Hi, I’m Mia. I’m a writer. I write stuff. Mostly erotic stuff featuring men. While I dabble in romantic fiction with stories involving men and women, or even men and men and women (my fancy-dancy way of saying, menage), I mostly write about men loving men. Two alpha guys, being all dominant and manly? It’s a double-shot of erotic espresso wrapped up in a happy ending. What’s not to like?You can visit me at my website and at my blog.

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  1. @Seanna, that’s because trying to write a blurb that expresses everything that’s happening in the plot, with three men, and avoiding pronoun confusion, is next to impossible in 200 words or less. 🙂 There’s other stuff, too.

    Chris, thank you for posting this on your blog for me!

  2. Yummy cover! Sounds like a great menage story. I also like that there is an element of danger from the apprentice priest. I enjoy a good suspense story too! Please count me in. Thanks again!

  3. Hmmm, me thinks Chaos tripped over his feet to try to get his own copy of this one! Please count me in:)

  4. Love a good shifter story and I have enjoyed all the Mia Watts books I have read so far. Count me in!

  5. OMG it’s seriously raining men, this one sounds too hot to touch, but I’ve got plenty of burn cream to fix that up!!!LOL

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