My thoughts not in a straight line travel

Hard to believe it’s Wednesday again, isn’t it? First, go wish Scout a happy birthday. I’ll wait…. You did? Good. Ok, now go do a happy house-getting and joyful Badger Bygone jig for Rabbitch. I’ll wait again… Finally, on to your regularly scheduled randomness.

Last weekend, I dragged out all my yarn bins to take pictures for Flash Your Stash this Saturday. Talk about an eye opener… After some calculations based on the number of Sterilite bins I have, I estimate I have about 1000 quarts (or 250 gallons) of yarn. About 100 quarts/25 gallons of that is sock yarn. When you consider that volume and then consider that my entire condo is only 637 square feet… What problem?!

Why don’t cats have any smell to them? Dogs do – a distinctly “doggy” scent. But not cats. Well, ok, maybe some cats have a smell. But Chaos doesn’t. I love his furry unscent.

How are they going to finish the Harry Potter movies with the actors they have?! Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) was born in 1989, so he’ll be what, 17 this year?? The fifth movie is slotted for 2007… You do the math. Won’t it look odd to have Harry, Ron, and Hermione be 25 or so when they get their O.W.Ls?!

I’ve turned the heel and started on the leg of my first Rainbow Jay sock. Last night I had a bad moment when I thought about how long the color repeats were and wondered where exactly my second skein started… So I started the second sock, with a wee bit of messing around and cutting so that the socks would match. All I can say is that I was very lucky to have started my first sock with the skein I did. If I’d started it with the second skein, I’d be cursing and stomping and rewinding and cutting right now. Whew!

My copy of Subversive Cross Stitch arrived last Friday, during a very rough day at work. The designs definitely brightened my day and had me giggling maniacally in my cube. Nope, I don’t cross stitch. But I do have one of the kits from the book and will definitely be making it at some point. (It’s this one, if you’re curious. Everyone at work knows things are really getting bad when I start dropping the F-bomb. Too bad I won’t be able to hang that in my cube…)

“What, Mom? You think it’s weird that I like to play in the laundry bag?”
“I bet your blog readers don’t think it’s weird. I bet they think it’s adorable. Am I right?”