Win a signed copy of Catch Me If You Can (Romano & Albright #1) by LB Gregg! [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to LB Gregg for donating a signed paperback copy of her madcap m/m romantic suspense, Catch Me If You Can (Romano & Albright, Book 1), for a lucky commenter to win!

Lowly art gallery assistant Caesar Romano is freely out of the closet. Now he’d just like to get out of his Nana’s guest room. Everything – his reputation and his financial freedom – is riding on the success of tonight’s gallery opening. If only he could shake free of the past so easily.

A mysterious gatecrasher, Dan Green, looks like a promising addition to his pending new life – until Caesar’s ex shows up and suddenly the opening disintegrates into a half-naked dance melee. When the glitter settles, a missing sculpture of Justin Timberlake has Caesar up to his eyebrows in extortion, intrigue and a wild sexual adventure underneath, inside, and on top of a variety of furnishings.

As the cast of suspects piles up, so do the questions. Like who’s really blackmailing whom? And what does a stolen paint-by-numbers clown matter when Dan is so outrageously capable of blowing Caesar’s resistance to smithereens?

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About LB Gregg

LB Gregg (Lisabea) spends her days plotting and planning and her evenings with her family – three (well above average) teenagers, a smoking hot hubbie, a fat-ass beagle, and a smelly old dachshund. For fun, LB is passionate about skiing, hiking, travel, pedicures, fine wine, good music, and playing cards. She’s been known to read a bit too much.

For more info on LB, because surely one can never get too much of a good thing, you can find her at her blog, Nose in a Book, or at her website.

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“Besides being well-manner and refined, I am also very noble!” -Chaos

45 thoughts on “Win a signed copy of Catch Me If You Can (Romano & Albright #1) by LB Gregg! [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. Chaos,

    Such dignity! Such elegance! When I grow up I want to be just like you (you know, pampered, spoiled, waited on hand and foot).

  2. Hmmm the artistry of a naked (oh only 1/2, damn!) melee can only whet the appetite, but to then top it off (or bottom whichever takes you fancy;)with “extortion, intrigue and a wild sexual adventure underneath, inside, and on top of a variety of furnishings” or my goodness give me some air…..LOL

  3. “Besides being well-manner and refined, I am also very noble!” -Chaos

    And modest too! What more could you ask for in a cat?

    Count me in too please!

  4. Sounds interesting! I think I haven’t read anything by this author before…

    Count me in, please :3

  5. Oh, please include me. I still haven’t read anything by LB Gregg yes, and this sounds good! Thank you 🙂

    Chaos – how could anyone doubt you are noble from that photo?
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