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I read 864 books in 2010, compared to 811 books in 2009. I had six dnf (did not finish) books, which I have not listed. I tagged 858 of the books I read as m/m, 826 as ebooks, 350 as shorts, and 24 as rereads. You can find my reviewettes of these these books in my LibraryThing (in the “Review” or “Comments” field, depending). Please note that not all of my books are in GoodReads, although Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm trying to be better about adding them!

One Real Thing by Anah Crow & Dianne Fox. ebook. Excellent m/m romance about two guys who were best friends in college. One got married and started a career and followed a path of things he felt he should do. The other slowly spiraled down and out of control. This book was, at times, not an easy read. It left me feeling gutted more than once. But it’s so very worth reading to find out for yourself if either of them can be saved…
All She Wrote (Holmes & Moriarity, Book 2) by Josh Lanyon. ebook. Very good m/m romantic suspense/mystery continuing the story of Kit Holmes and J.X. Moriarity, mystery writers (although not coauthors), as Kit flies across the country to play amateur sleuth for a writer friend who thinks someone is trying to kill her.
Primal Red (Bellingham Mysteries, Book 1) by Nicole Kimberling. ebook. Very good m/m romantic suspense about an investigative reporter for a free weekly paper who hears screaming, then sees a woman die in the arms of an artist that he’d very much like to date…
Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Bellingham Mysteries, Book 2) by Nicole Kimberling. Good m/m romantic suspense continuing the story of the investigative report and the artist – this time, they’re camping in the snow and participating in a New Year’s Eve snow sculpture event when they discover a dead body.
Black Cat Ink (Bellingham Mysteries, Book 3) by Nicole Kimberling. Good m/m romantic suspense in which our artist and investigative reporter search for a stolen penis statue and acquire a black kitten.
Appearing Nightly (The First Real Thing, Book 2) by Cat Grant. Very good m/m romance about a singer/drag queen/bar co-owner who’s fascinated by the cute, skittish guy who recently started working at the bar. You really need to read The First Real Thing before you read this book!
The Stroke of Twelve by Kim Dare. ebook. Very good kinky m/m romance about an aimless young man who wakes up after a night at the bar to find he has a piece of paper with an address and a time written on it and only the vague memory of a handsome older man handing it to him. Curious, he turns up at the address on time… and his life is changed in a way he never expected.
A Change of Tune by J.M. Cartwright. ebook. Good m/m romance about a successful (and deeply closeted, even from himself) rock musician who leaves his band and moves to an out-of-the-way town in West Virginia, where he meets a very pushy sheriff…
Offside Pass (Blue Line Hockey, Book 1) by Stephani Hecht. ebook. Good m/m romance about a newbie sports reporter trying to figure out the dark secret in the past of three brawling hockey brothers, one of whom he finds very attractive.
It’s Smoking in the Locker Room by Stephani Hecht. free ebook short. Smoking (heh) short m/m romance about a college student whose secret high school crush (and former captain of the high school hockey team) emails him and asks to meet in their old high school locker room.
Burnt Orange: Sooner or Later by Dallas Coleman. ebook short. Good short m/m romance, told in a series of key scenes, that follows two guys who become friends in grade school, despite one being a Sooner and the other being a Longhorn and neither realizing the other is gay… I got sniffly once or twice during this one.
Sagittarius: Mr. November (Boys of the Zodiac, Book 9) by Pepper Espinoza. ebook. I read it because I love the song “Mr. November” by the National, but it’s actually a good (if rather heavy on the dreary football details) m/m romance about an older quarterback who’s been traded to a new team under mysterious circumstances.
Pulling Away (Book 1) by Shawn Lane. ebook short. Reread. Good short m/m romance about a guy who’s isolated himself since his parents died two years earlier, only really talking to a friend he met online.
The First by Rachel West. ebook short. Very good short m/m romance about two guys in college who broke up because one caught the other kissing someone else while very drunk at a party.

Hey, Stella!!!!” -Chaos

33 thoughts on “Linkity, plus 2010 Reading Year in Review”

  1. I’ve got this great set of coasters that I bought in Paris of the Eiffel Tower being built, month by month. I find them strangely fascinating!

    And I’m glad you liked the Burnt Orange book! Wasn’t that one I recommended to you?

    The Anah Crowe/Dianne Fox book looks good. I’ve liked quite a number of their books (both as a pair and individuals) so I shall go and add that one to the TBR pile. I haven’t been and checked out any of the recent Carina m/m books. Oh well, no time like the present :).
    A recent post from Jenre..Tipping the Balance by Rob RosenMy Profile

  2. You read 864 books o_0 That’s…that’s…wow! I’m speechless! BTW, I started knitting to keep my mind sane. With all the chaos right now my sister saw the golden oppertunity to get me to knit. I’ve started my first knitting project…a scarf LOL But I got fabulous soft wol and it gives me some peace and quiet in my mind…sis has succesfully converted me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great weekend Chris and Chaos…those are quite the set of fang *shivers*
    A recent post from Leontine..Getting creative – Blog Design for saleMy Profile

  3. Such a nice way to start my morning – I am waiting patiently for the next season of Dr. Who, which I can watch at my leisure with the new Xfinity TV that Comcast has forced upon us (if we want TV service, that it).

  4. What an interesting library. Also, it’s huge!!

    Oh no, not the bananas. How will I eat banana bread without bananas? ๐Ÿ™

    By the time the liquid crystal glasses are affordable I’ll probably be using tri or quad-focals.

    There’s probably a conspiracy by battery makers so no ever figures out how to use that amazing 60 year and counting battery.

    Surely there’s something more important to work on than toothpaste that’s weather related.

    Hands-free sandwich holder… what will they think of next? What a waste!

    864???? I respectfully bow down to you, Oh Queen of Reading! ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s awesome!

    I’ve only read A Change of Tune, which I enjoyed, and have several others on my TBR/TBB.

    Have a great weekend!
    A recent post from Lily..Looking backwards and forwards and oh boy- its my birthday!My Profile

  5. Already in bifocals, I am waiting till I get cataracts and then they replace all the broken stuff. And my 10 year old nephew who LOVES winding yarn will enjoy that yarn monster. At least mine isn’t electric, so he can’t try to duplicate.
    A recent post from Mary Lou..The Mystery of Tea TowelsMy Profile

  6. The Miracle of Science is a place I pass all the time, because my walk from MIT to Central T passes right by it. I noticed the menu, but have always been in a rush to get home!

    I have heard that there are additional locations, but this is the one I know about. Yeah Science!
    A recent post from Seanna Lea..a knitting breakMy Profile

  7. LOL at the polar bears and the cameras. The penguin made me smile.

    I hear you on the cabinet locks. I buy the big multi-pack.

    We used to have a bookstore with bookstore cats. They had their own business cards!
    A recent post from Sydney..Merry Christmas!My Profile

  8. 864 books! Good grief, that’s ::counts madly on fingers:: 2.367 books a day! Every day! I shouldn’t be so suprised, given how many books you review and parody here, but still…
    A recent post from kmkat..FO FridayMy Profile

  9. Thank you so much for mentioning The Big Book Challenge!

    864 books? *faints* You’re my hero ๐Ÿ™‚

    OK, I love the Doctor Who meets Star Wars mini-film ๐Ÿ™‚ That was brilliant!

    And I like the sound of One Real Thing, The Stroke of Twelve and Pulling Away. You’re so not helping my TBR list!
    A recent post from orannia..UnComfortableMy Profile

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