Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 53rd (MCSIBTYG)

I never heard back from the first winner, so congrats to Juli-Anna, who’s the new winner of A Shifter Christmas (The Lost Shifters, Book 8 ) by Stephani Hecht!

Congrats to Jase, who won Knight’s Fall (Boys in Blue) by Mia Watts! Congrats to Tracey D, who won His Christmas Present by Rachel Randall! Both Knight’s Fall and His Christmas Present are being released today by Total-E-Bound.

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today we’ll be meeting My Cup Size Is Bigger Than Yours Guy (MCSIBTYG). Poor MCSIBTYG – cover artists just love to mess around with his hair. I’m sure you can guess how well that turns out for him…

, always

, couldn’t remember why he’d thought buying

was a good idea after he’d been


. Maybe something in the

had convinced him… or, more likely, it had been the

in the

that led to him waking up as

, roasting as if he were in the

. Alas, if he’d thought that

was impossible before, now he also had

to deal with. Plus he discovered that

, the more likely they were to be unsuitable love interests, easily distracted

. So, in the end, he went home alone and got drunk while watching

on his Tivo. The end.

“I just don’t understand… how can Mom keep putting up these pictures of naughty boys when she knows I don’t approve?!” -Mayhem

28 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 53rd (MCSIBTYG)”

  1. I’m still giggling over all his snazzy hair styles. It reminds me of those programs where you upload a picture of yourself then try out different styles to see which one would look the best.

  2. I humbly ask this of you, Oh Great Mistress Of All Things Bookcoverishly Misadveturous (OGMOATBM).

    May we please have a Boob-Off between My Cup Size Is Bigger Than Yours Guy (MCSIBTYG) and Oft-Mentioned Oversized Lop-Sided Photoshopped Melon Boob Job Girl (O-MOL-SPMBJG)from Part the 42nd? In IMAX 3D?

    I hope you approve of your Parentheic Acronym.

  3. Thank you for the book and congrats to the other winners.

    I love the Misadventures in Stock Photography and today’s is extra funny!


  4. I’m still horribly fixated on his nipples, hanging like lead fishing weights.

    Odd thought: When Facebook goes live with their facial recognition software will it “recognize him” on all these covers?

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