Hmm. This was supposed to be a short linkity post, due to my long holiday weekend. FAIL.

Congrats to Kaetrin, who won Beyond Reckless by Ava March! Beyond Reckless will be released by Amber Quill Press on Sunday, November 28.




  • Author and publisher news and more from Dear Author and ReadReactReview (including a link to the very expensive official Dark-Hunter dolls).


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  • I can’t believe we didn’t get a chance to see this awesome mural while we were in San Francisco.



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Reading Update
Breathe by Sloan Parker. ebook. Very good m/m romantic suspense about a guy who’s just spent six months in prison and is returning to his home town. I don’t want to say more about it, because part of this book’s strength is how what happened in the past and what’s happening in the present unfold together. Every time I was sure I had things all figured out, I was wrong. πŸ™‚
Last Call Europe: Black Wolf by Belinda McBride. ebook. Very good kinky m/m paranormal romance about a lone wolf shifter and detective who’s been following the trail of a killer around the world. He ends up in London, at the paranormal bar Last Call Europe, where he’s teased by a saucy Siberian Husky shifter…
Caught by Surprise by L.D. Madison. ebook. Good m/m romance (from Loose Id’s Coming Out Day series) about two FBI agents who wake up naked in bed together with no memory of how they got there… My only complaint about this book was a plot thread that seemed to be going somewhere but was dropped.
Hit and Run by Cassidy Ryan. ebook . Good m/m romantic suspense about a guy who witnesses a crime, then ends up on the run, trying to stay alive long enough to testify.
After Hours by Cassandra Gold. ebook short. Cute steamy short m/m story about a guy closing at a bakery, who’s kind of impatient when a customer rushes in at the last minute…
The Hitcher and His Ride by Misty Malone (according to ARe, even though that doesn’t match the cover…). ebook short. Ok short paranormal m/m story about a lost driver who sees a wrecked motorcycle on the road and picks up the injured rider. This was a variation of a pretty traditional hitchhiker ghost story, with a few twists.
Nature’s Own by Nica Berry. ebook. Meh m/m urban fantasy about the fae, with a menagey bit. Alas, this story never drew me in, nor did I particularly care about any of the characters by the end.
Beg for More by A.J. Hardcourt. ebook short. So-so short m/m encounter between an architect and the owner of a construction company when they’re working late one evening.
The Club at Cool Harbor by Christiane France. ebook. Meh m/m romance about two guys who are trying to figure out who’s leaking secrets from an exclusive gay mens’ club. My major problems with the book were a plot based on a big misunderstanding, stalkerish tendencies (after a single date that didn’t actually happen, one guy called, sent letters, etc, for months?! Really??), instalove, and a lack of dramatic tension.
Sleepless in San Francisco by Ryan Field. ebook. PWP based on the movie Sleepless in Seattle. I knew this wasn’t going to be a good book, but it was worse than I expected.

“Everything looks so upside down. I wonder why?” -Mayhem

29 thoughts on “Hmm. This was supposed to be a short linkity post, due to my long holiday weekend. FAIL.”

  1. OK, so I had to look at the vibrator fail! I was more astounded by the Hello Kitty vibrators in the comments underneath! Which just goes to show that you can by anything in the Hello Kitty design.

    I’m wavering over the Sloan Parker book. I’ve heard that it’s really great but also quite hard on the emotions. Hmmmmmm…..

  2. Hey Chris!

    Thanks for the double mention! You are so very kind..

    LOL I think everyone is “bug eyed” over the vibrator FAIL… Yikes..

    I hope you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving Chris and your extra long weekend.. πŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks for the ARe freebie.

    Love the circles of writing hell. Ohh, Farmville, must harvest potatoes. That’s me. LOL

    But if the lead is on the outside of the glasses, how do you get it in your system. I don’t lick the picture on my glass. Just curious.

    Kristen showed me those flag pizzas. Kind of cool although purple just looks wrong on a pizza.

    Effervescent bacon? *gag reflex kicks in*

    Only Adam Savage (and terrorists) would HAVE 12 inch razor blades in their luggage. Sigh. The stories you hear make you wonder how inept these people are.

    Ha! Love the Area 51 reviews.

    I’m going to Chicago in 2 weeks. I better brush up on what I can and can’t carry on since I’m not checking any baggage. Razor blade – okay, gel inserts for my shoes – not okay. Got it.

    Yeah, I think Sloan’s is too sad for me. I’m wimpy lately. Even non-sad books make me cry. LOL I will get Belinda’s and read After Hours. I think I’ll pass on the rest and really honey, why did you buy that last one. Tell me you didn’t. LOL
    A recent post from Tam..So what have I been doingMy Profile

  4. The Area 51 bit made me chuckle.

    College-boy flew home from Vancouver yesterday, reported nothing horrible happened with the TSA.

  5. Yikes! While I’ve never had anything against snakes, that feeling totally depended on them not flying.

    I like the scent of lavender and the scent of pumpkin but I can’t quite imagine the combination.

    I’m trying to decide which is worse, the Buzz Lightyear sippy cup or the corn vibrator. LOL!

    LOL at the Area 51 reviews!
    A recent post from Sydney..Post Halloween Wrap-UpMy Profile

  6. Loved the 9 circles of writing hell and the shot/pint glasses. LOL on the tombstone, looks like it’s time for an upgrade there. πŸ™‚

    The 12 ridiculous vibrators was fun. But I can’t believe what they’ve done to the poor duckie. And really, a scorpion??? Umm, absolutely freaking no way!! πŸ˜€

    And wow, who knew Buzz was hiding something so impressive/scary under his suit.

    Breathe sounds really good but also so very angsty. I can’t decide on it. I read a few others on your list and pretty much agree with you.

    Thanks for the mention! πŸ™‚
    A recent post from Lily..Happy Thanksgiving!My Profile

  7. I’m glad you liked Breathe as much as I did. Btw, have you read Dark Geist? I almost didn’t because of the Train Wreck in Stock Photography but it’s really, really good. Another book I enjoyed was Rescue Me by Scarlet Blackwell.

  8. Just finished catchin up… That scorpian vibrator is still a mystery to me…

    Good book haul this week as well… added a few to my list…

    Congrats to Kaetrin on the win…

    Cute pic of May..


  9. Ohhhhh I need a Tardis Quilt. I think I should paint my house like a tardis. Too bad its only one story and a ranch. But then, maybe I could just paint it on the side of the garage and then everyone will know how wacky I am.

    May, I think the world is upside down all the time.
    A recent post from Rebekah..Arts and Crafts WeekendMy Profile

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