12 thoughts on “Pink, now completely cat-free… more or less”

  1. Have you seen the Fiber Trends pattern for felted pink flamingos? I can bring it to show you next week…it’s high on my “to do” list.

  2. Oh look.. its the new Chaos Cappuccino from Starbucks! I hear its great tasting..except for having to pick the fur off your tongue afterwards.

  3. heh ;o) That is the only way you can fit Chaos in a cup now that he has grown up!

    I like your flamingos too!
    I’m putting a red felt jumper on the latest doll — so she will be Project Spectrumish too, when I can post pictures again.

  4. *sung in tune of Material Girl Madonna*
    She’s livin in a kitty cat world cause she is a kitty cat girl….
    Surrounded by kitties 🙂 I too thought the matches were neat! Now tell the truth did you buy them because you saw the cat on them or where there other reasons??

  5. Great! Now you’re enabling on biking stuff too!!! I love the link to the sheep riding the bike socks. They are a must-have for next fall.

    On my major wish list is this:
    Curious George Jersey

    I’ve asked dh to get it for me for Mother’s Day, but I may just have order before then. I could wear it now with a long sleeve tee under it. I love Curious George!

    Posted this by accident over on Deb’s blog–Chaos and Chappy–I get them mixed up all the time. Color me blushing!

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