41 thoughts on “San Francisco Snapshots”

  1. Nice pics. Those sidewalk coi are all around town, I’ve found 9 or 9 “ponds”, always makes me smile. Hope you found a nice place to join in the World Series celebration.

  2. Oh, sweetie– you caught some of my favorite things about San Fran… (Jase, I understand all the sexy daddy men were at the Bishie auction, Saturday night… alas, I missed it, but I was in good company…)

  3. Fabulous photos! (I still kind of get the heebie jeebies, though, when I see all those buildings packed together. Sheesh, I’ve really become a hick.)

    I hope the kitties weren’t too traumatized by your absence, the poor things.
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  4. Fun! I haven’t been to SF in nearly 20 years. I definitely need a trip back there. But I don’t suppose I’ll get an $88 round trip flight like I did then.

  5. Well, all the pictures seem to imply that you guys LEFT THE HOTEL! *is baffled* Of course, that would explain why I only saw y’all the one time. LOL

    Looks like you got the most out of the trip. I may be a little jealous because I did make to to the Castro but that’s about it. *hee*

    Still, there was something kind of amusing about buying porn and sex toys there. Just sayin’. 😛

    Great to meet you (and Tam and Jen, too, of course)! Maybe next year you won’t hide and stuff by LEAVING THE HOTEL! *heehee*


  6. Ohhhhhh how I miss theeeeee….. And my kitties… They break my heart!!! Hugs to you! And saw the pic and you ladies look like you were having a blast! Hugs!

  7. Oooh, if looks like The City was putting on a good show for you! You even got a shot of the Golden Gate where it wasn’t covered in fog! Impressive. I’m sad I didn’t get the chance to meet you while you were out here, but maybe next time.

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