Hey, baby, what’s your bloginality?

“If we’re bloginalitily compatible, we could make beautiful music toghether, baby. Hubba hubba.”

I stole this idea from m.r.’s sidebar at bag’n’trash (check out her great monthly Project Spectrum buttons!). I was intrigued when this extremely short quiz gave me the same result as the much longer (and more expensive) Myers-Briggs and Keirsey tests.

My Bloginality is INTJ. Here’s the description:

This makes your primary focus on Introverted Thinking with an Extraverted Intution.

This is defined as an NT personality, which is part of Carl Jung’s Rational (Knowledge Seeking) type, and more specifically the Mastermind or Scientist.

You aren’t as openly affectionate as some of you NT counterparts, and this may cause other bloggers to assume you aren’t as friendly. Your ideas and actual applications for these ideas are brilliant, however, and you might be more likely to create something masterful on your journal.

I won Lynne’s contest at Yarnivorous! Woot woot! This is particularly exciting, because she’s another GF knitter and has mentioned including GF treats from Australia. Oh boy!

24 thoughts on “Hey, baby, what’s your bloginality?”

  1. Poor Chaos! He really doesn’t want you to put every darn picture of him on your blog, especially the ones where he is not ready.

  2. Oopsie –
    “The INTP may be prone to abandoning a project once they have figured it out, moving on to the next thing.”


  3. i hear tell that INTJs are pretty rare… not that you could tell by knitting blogs (raising hand as an INTJ). But did ya know that your personality type can change over the years?

  4. I’ve taken the Myers Briggs a number of times, and am always an ESFJ, although I’m usually on the E-I cusp. This one said I’m an ISFJ, so I’d say that’s pretty close! Seems like I’m in a minority among knitters, although I work with a bunch of E/ISFJs.

  5. Pft. If you come across as unfriendly, I’ll eat my yarn.

    It says I’m an INFJ, which I guess is acurate enough. Introverted? Definitely. Intuitive? Yes. Feeling? Yes. Judging? Meh…kind of. I actually tend to ride the fence between Judging and perceiving, depending on the situation.

    Congratulations on the yarn win!

  6. INTJ’s unite!!

    Chaos looks like he should be sporting a heavy gold chain around his neck and a slicked back hairstyle.

    In Australia, the equivalent to “Hey Babeeee” is “Gday – do you do it?”

    All class.

  7. Ooh – I’m another INFP.

    Congrats on winning the contest – now it really is beginning to look like we have enough GF knitters for our own blogring?!

  8. wow, great test and AWESOME Chaos picture.
    I’m scared by what it says about my type!

    I’ll have to read more about all of this tonight — time is so streeeeeeeeeetttchhhhed today it might break ;o)

    Have a great night!

  9. You’re rght. It’s the same as when I took the Myers Briggs: ISFP. I must be off and compose a sonta or and etude or two –or was that e tu? ***CV

  10. Hmmm, I’m an istj (who can sometimes be an intj depending on my mood and the way the questions are asked). No wonder you were able to figure me out so well when you sent me goodies last month!!

  11. Goodnight! I hope your weather was better than ours today — raining sheets, lots of lightning and a power outage!

    Three of our network machines were hit by lightning and we spent a good deal of the day scrambling to get them back up.

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